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Beauty is in the eyes® and Beauty begins with the eyes®

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Dr. Alexandra®

Orange County Lasik surgeon and board Certified Ophthalmologist in Irvine CA

Beauty is in the eyes®

and Beauty begins with the eyes®

Experience the value of  “One”… One LASIK center, One Orange County LASIK surgeon.

We believe in the value of having just one LASIK surgeon for your entire experience.

  • Over 50,000 surgeries performed by ONE LASIK surgeon
  • 25 years of LASIK experience
  • Individualized, and personalized care in our Irvine Lasik Center
  • 1 board certified surgeon means you get the attention you deserve
  • Most advanced laser vision correction equipment
  • Most Innovative techniques in laser eye surgery
  • Procedure takes 20 minutes, Back to Work Next Day!
  • Lasik can done on the same day as the consultation if the patient has a ride home and hasn’t worn contact lenses in a week.

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Dr. Alexandra®

Beauty is in the eyes®

and Beauty begins with the eyes®

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