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What is Lasik?

LA S I K: Potential for Better than 20/20 Vision

LASIK is a life-changing treatment that can safely and permanently reduce or eliminate your need for glasses or contact lenses. LASIK is virtually painless and takes a total of ten minutes for both eyes. An excimer laser is used to reshape the surface of your eye in just seconds.

LASIK is completed in two fast and easy steps. During the first part of the procedure a thin flap of tissue is lifted from the surface of your eye. This flap of tissue can be created using either a microkeratome or a second laser for an all-laser LASIK procedure. Dr. Alexandra Chebil uses both of these technologies and will explain which is best for you. Most patients are candidates for the traditional microkeratone LASIK unless you have a very thin cornea, in which case the all laser–LASIK or PRK may be better options for you.

PRK – PRK stands for Photorefractive Keratectomy. This procedure is a safe and effective way to get rid of glasses and contacts. A laser is used to reshape the surface of your eye. To read more about PRK, click here.

The second part of the LASIK procedure involves the computer-guided laser reshaping of your cornea. The initial layer of tissue is gently lifted from the surface of your cornea and a precise laser beam is used to permanently re-shape the surface of your eye. This laser re-shaping part of your procedure has evolved considerably over the past twenty years to improve the quality of your vision.

We use only the most state-of-the-art technology called CustomVue or Wavefront technology. The VISX Star S-4 laser that Dr. Chebil uses has the highest degree of accuracy available. The laser measures your eyes in 3-D much like a finger-print analysis. During your LASIK procedure the laser will track even the smallest movements of your eye using ActiveTrak and Iris Registration technologies approved by NASA. This tracking technology makes sure that the treatment is centered on the middle of your eye for better quality of results even if you move during the procedure.

Once the VISX Star S-4 laser has completed the corneal re-shaping, the flap is carefully repositioned on the surface of your eye.

The flap adheres to your eye through natural forces, since no sutures are used. The initial healing of the flap takes about four hours, during which your eye may feel scratchy or burning, and usually tears quite a bit. Your vision may be very blurry for these first few hours, so it is not recommended that you drive. Most of our patients feel back to normal by the next day and can drive and return to work. You should stay out of dust and dirt for the first week after surgery in order to avoid infections and dryness.

Many of Dr. Chebil’s patients see better than 20/20 due to the high degree of accuracy provided by the CustomVue or Wavefront technology and the VISX Star S-4 laser system.

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1Lasik eye surgeon, Lasik Eye Doctor Irvine

LASIK Surgery Procedure

The day of your procedure, Dr. Alexandra Chebil will personally verify all of your computer measurements and will answer any last minute questions you may have. Please remember to leave your soft contact lenses out for at least one full week prior to your procedure. Soft toric lenses for astigmatism should be removed at least two weeks prior to your procedure.

Your vision may be quite blurry for a few hours after the procedure so please make sure that you have a driver to bring you home after the procedure.
Please wear comfortable clothing and avoid anything fuzzy that may create static. Avoid drinking caffeine and alcohol the day of your procedure.

Pre-op Instructions

Our highly experienced surgical team will explain the different steps of the procedure and take the time to explain the simple post-operative instructions, such as how to use your eye drops and when to return for follow up visits. You will receive a written copy of these instructions as well as an emergency contact number directly to Dr. Alexandra Chebil if you have any problems or questions after hours.

To help you relax before your surgery, you will also be given the option of taking a mild sedative, such as Xanax or Valium. If you prefer, you may bring in your own preferred medication to make you more relaxed and comfortable during and after the procedure.

2Lasik eye surgeon, Lasik Eye Doctor Irvine
LASIK Procedure

Laser vision correction is a quick and painless procedure which generally takes less than fifteen minutes per eye. Dr. Alexandra Chebil will walk you through all the steps of the procedure and answer any questions you may have.

The LASIK procedure involves two steps; the creation of the corneal flap using either a precision instrument called a microkeratome or a femtosecond laser, followed by the reshaping of your cornea with an excimer laser. The excimer laser will reshape your cornea by removing tissue from its middle layer, called the stroma.

Before the procedure begins, eye drops are used to numb your eyes.

Before beginning the LASIK procedure, eyes are gently held open and a precision flap-making instrument is carefully positioned.

In order to obtain the most accurate results, you will be asked to focus on a central fixation light within the laser. Dr. Alexandra Chebil will then gently fold back a thin layer of cornea in order to allow the iris registration and active track tracking systems specific to the CustomVue laser technology.

The corneal flap is then repositioned to its initial place. No sutures are necessary as natural forces hold the flap in position until healing is complete.

Recovery is very fast after LASIK and discomfort usually stops after a few hours. Most patients are able to go back to work and drive the day right after surgery. You must start your prescription drops the day after your LASIK procedure and continue for five days after surgery. You must also wear sunglasses when out in the bright light and wear goggles at night for five nights to prevent accidentally rubbing your eyes while sleeping.

3Lasik eye surgeon, Lasik Eye Doctor Irvine
Post Surgery

Please remember that your follow-up care is as important as the actual procedure. Dr. Alexandra Chebil will check your vision at every single post-op visit for one full year.

We will schedule the following visits as part of your post-op package: 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 1 year. There is no additional charge if you need to come back to see us more frequently.

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Quality of Vision, High Satisfaction Levels

94% of people who wear glasses for nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism can now be safely treated with LASIK.
Laser vision correction has become one of the most popular elective surgeries in North America because it is very fast, relatively painless, and extremely safe, with the vast majority of patients expressing high satisfaction with their improved vision.

One of the main benefits of LASIK is the minimal downtime: Most patients are able to go back to work and drive within 24 hours of their procedure.

Quality of Vision: Exceeding your expectations

Many patients obtain 20/15 or even 10/10 vision, which is better than 20/20

The majority of patients treated with the Advanced CustomVue laser using the Visx Star S4 IR laser experience better vision during the day as well as clearer night vision then they could ever get with their glasses or contact lenses.

Myopia: 100 percent of our patients treated for mild to moderate myopia could pass a driving test without glasses or contact lenses after the CustomVue LASIK treatment.
98 percent of our patients achieve 20/20 or better vision one year after their LASIK procedure. Patients with high myopia were also very satisfied with their results with less than 2.5% requiring additional treatments.

Hyperopia: When asked to compare their vision after LASIK to their vision with glasses or contacts, four times as many patients expressed extreme satisfaction with their vision.

High Satisfaction Levels

96% of patients treated with the Visx Star S4 IR laser claim to be satisfied with the results of their procedure.
Nearly all (97.9%) would recommend the procedure to their friends and family. 96.6% of patients said that their lives had been improved by the procedure.

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