How Long Does Lasik Last?

The most common questions about Lasik eye surgery are, how much does it cost, does Lasik hurt, and does Lasik last forever?   Since the Lasik eye surgery was approved by the FDA in 1996, a lot of improvements and advancements have occurred.   Millions of Americans have benefited from Lasik and significantly improved their […]

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Is Lasik Right For Me?

For the right patient, Lasik eye surgery can be very successful, but like all procedures, it’s not for everyone. Thousands of Lasik surgeries are performed each year.  The procedure can permanently reduce or completely eliminate the use of glasses or contact lenses.  Patients enjoy the new found freedom, and maintenance free lifestyle soon after the […]

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Consider Lasik to Improve Vision and Lifestyle

Many of Our Orange County patients that visit our Lasik Center in Newport Beach are tired of wearing contact lenses and glasses. Morning rituals of inserting a lens can take time. Wearing eyeglasses is not always appealing, and can be quite uncomfortable on the nose bridge. This is one of the reasons that Lasik eye […]

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