4 Reasons to Consider LASIK This Holiday Season

4 Reasons to Consider LASIK This Holiday Season

The holiday season is all about sharing time and experiences with those most important to you. But if you suffer from poor eyesight, you can’t enjoy the season to its fullest. With blurry Christmas lights shows and the inability to see the expression on faces when you give gifts, the holiday season just isn’t the same. Thankfully, the holiday season is the perfect time to consider LASIK. If you’re tired of blurry vision, contacts, or eyeglasses, find out why LASIK could be the best gift you’ve given yourself in years.

1. Time to Recuperate

Even if your job doesn’t have paid time off or vacation, most employers allot at least a few days during the holidays to spend with your family. If you’re not always keen on family time, use the opportunity to get LASIK.

With the procedure taking less than an hour and a recuperation time of 24 to 48 hours, you have time to kick back, relax, and enjoy your crystal-clear vision — with or without your relatives.

2. Taking One Thing off Your New Year’s Resolution List Ahead of Time

How many times have you said you were going to get into the gym or become more socially active each year? How many times have you stuck with it?

In most cases, you probably lost your gusto or other things came up which made your New Year’s resolutions an afterthought.

This year, you can cross one thing off your list early by getting LASIK done. If you’ve ever said you were going to get LASIK or you decided to ditch contacts and eyeglasses, schedule a LASIK appointment. Not only will you cross one thing off your list, but everything will become a little bit clearer for the coming year — both figuratively and literally.

3. Enjoying Winter Sports and Outdoor Activities

If you’re an avid outdoorsman, winter is an amazing time to do some of the activities you love most. But when you have to wear glasses or your vision is poor, skiing, snowboarding, and snowmobiling just isn’t as enjoyable.

So to make your experience fun and exciting, think about LASIK. Whether you’re speeding down the slopes or trying to become the world’s next Wayne Gretzky, you have the vision to reach your goals or at least the experience.

4. Tales to Tell Your Relatives

You’ve probably heard stories about Aunt Phyllis’s bad back or Uncle Albert’s swollen knee for years. Well, now it’s the time to return the favor with a tale of your own. When you get LASIK, you can enjoy the facial expressions of your relatives when you tell them about LASIK in detail. With corneal flaps, lasers, and more on your speaking agenda, you can finally fight fire with fire in terms of “interesting” conversation.

Dr. Alexandra Chebil is an Orange County Lasik surgeon with over 70,000 procedures performed at her private practice Lasik Center Medical Group centrally located in Newport Beach CA.

With time to recuperate, more enjoyment of wintertime activities, and maybe even a cool story, you should set a date for your LASIK operation now. The only thing you have to lose is a holiday season full of vibrant memories. That’s something you don’t want to take for granted.

Contact us to book a private consultation with Dr. Alexandra Chebil.  She will be your guide from the first appointment to long after your treatment is done.