Fall Lasik Time

Are There Benefits to Getting Lasik in the Fall?

Wearing eyeglasses and contacts are a thing of the past. With LASIK, patients can enjoy 20/20 vision with only a few days of recovery. However, choosing when to undergo LASIK is an important decision. While lining it up with your income or schedule is integral, don’t forget about seasonal changes. According to many experts, fall is the perfect time of the year to choose LASIK. If you’ve been contemplating LASIK, here are a few reasons why you should select this fall as the time to finally enjoy crystal-clear vision.

Fewer Problems with Dry Eyes

Throughout the summer and winter months, your eyes are exposed to elements that cause dry eyes. During summer, you’re more exposed to sunlight simply because you spend more time outside. Without proper eyewear, your eyes can dry out, becoming itchy, and making your eyes more susceptible to prolonged sunlight exposure. In addition, the chlorine in swimming pools can irritate your eyes, as well as sand from the beach. Therefore, waiting until fall to undergo LASIK won’t sideline you from all the summer fun.

Avoid Complications Due to Spring Allergies

Spring allergies can wreak havoc on contact wearers. As allergens such as pollen, mold, and ragweed hang in the air, they can get trapped in the contacts, causing prolonged itching, scratching, and burning. If you decide to get LASIK during the spring, you’re needlessly prolonging the recovery effort and making it borderline unbearable.


During the fall, you won’t have to battle allergens, giving you a straightforward and easy path to recovery and 20/20 vision.  Dr. Alexandra Chebil has been performing laser vision correction for multiple decades with over 70,000 procedures completed.  Her Orange County Lasik center in Newport Beach is a private practice and home to happy patients finally experiencing life without glasses or contact lenses.

Recover Before the Busiest Time of the Year

Taking care of kids home from school and running them around town can be time-consuming during the summer. Winter is equally as busy as you prep for family gatherings, vacation plans, and other events. The last thing you want to do during either season is to wait to recover from LASIK—especially if your eyes are vulnerable to prolonged sunlight from the hot summer sun or the sun reflecting off the snow. Again, spring provides problems for allergy sufferers, making the fall the best time of the year to undergo LASIK.


By getting LASIK during the fall, you can take time to recover for the busy months ahead. It’s one less thing off your plate, and you won’t have to worry about vision problems during the most hectic parts of the year.

Use All Your Flexible Spending Account Funds

If your employer provides you with a Flexible Spending Account (FSA), you can pay out-of-pocket for medical expenses with tax-free money. But one major drawback is that these funds lapse at the end of the year.


However, using these funds for LASIK during the early part of the year can leave you at a disadvantage if you have unforeseen medical expenses at the end of the year. Conversely, you also don’t want these funds to evaporate. Fortunately, the fall is a sweet spot for medical procedures for this very reason. By scheduling LASIK, you won’t use up all your healthcare funds prematurely, yet you won’t let them go by the wayside.


At our Newport Beach Lasik Center, we also make it affordable by offering various financing plans to fit your budget.


Although any time of year is ideal to shed corrective lenses and eyeglasses, fall has perhaps the most advantages when it comes to LASIK.  Schedule a private one-on-one Lasik consultation with Dr. Alexandra Chebil and get ready for the vision you’ve always wanted.

Fall is the perfect time for you to enjoy the outdoor foliage and holiday lights without the burden of glasses.