Blade Free All Laser Lasik

For the most advanced techniques in lasik eye surgery, custom lasik, and “bladeless” all laser Lasik, contact our Lasik Center Medical Group in Orange County and get a free consultation with our top Ophthalmologist, Alexandra Chebil M.D.

What is Blade Free Lasik?

During the Lasik vision correction procedure, a very thin layer is lifted from the surface of the eye via a blade. Not all eyes are created equal, and sometimes the eye’s surface is thinner than average, requiring a thinner flap to be created.

The all laser lasik uses a second type of laser to create a thinner flap vs a blade.

Am I a Candidate for All Laser Lasik?

Most patients do not require all laser Lasik. During your free consultation with Dr. Chebil, she will measure the thickness of the surface of your eye.  This measurement will dictate whether or not you’re a candidate for the traditional lasik vision correction or require an all laser lasik treatment.

All Laser Lasik Cost

In general, most patients will not require an all laser lasik, thus reducing the cost of the procedure.  The cost is of Lasik eye surgery will be given to you during your consultation.  Our Orange County Lasik office prides itself on personalized care, no hidden fees, and no upselling.  All the details of your procedure will be shared with you during your complimentary lasik evaluation.

Blade-Free All Laser Lasik Vs. Traditional Lasik

Dr. Chebil

Dr. Chebil

In both methods a flap is made, the traditional method uses a blade versus the all laser method which uses laser energy to create the flap.

The bladeless lasik option is claimed to enhance the safety during the Lasik procedure because no blade is involved, minimizing the possibility of creating an uneven flap.

Complications are quite rare with Lasik vision correction, and both options are safe.  What’s important is having your lasik treatment performed by a qualified and experienced ophthalmologist.

Orange County patients appreciate the personalized care they receive from Dr. Chebil.  She is a board certified Ophtholmologist with over 40,000 lasik eye surgery, custom lasik, and PRK procedures performed.

Visit our Lasik frequently asked question page to get answers for the most common Lasik vision correction questions, if you’ve considered refractive surgery for yourself or a family member, contact us and schedule a free evaluation with Dr. Chebil.