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Avoid Bruises from Cosmetic Injections – Botox and Fillers

Use these tips to avoid bruising from Botox, Juvederm, Restylane or any other cosmetic injections. Redness, swelling, bumps or lumps are also common with filler injections, follow the same tips for better results.

It’s important to point out that not all patients will experience these side effects. Each body reacts differently to the same treatments, some patients bruise easily, and some don’t.

Experience Matters to Avoid Bruises from Cosmetic Injections

Make sure and choose an experienced doctor to avoid any complications. Alexandra Chebil M.D. is an experienced Orange County cosmetic injector having performed thousands of injections on satisfied patients in the area.

Bruises and swelling can still happen even to the most experienced doctor, and are gone in a few days. A good tip would be to schedule your treatment accordingly and avoid any big events close to your treatment day.

Cosmetic injection treatments are generally very successful, with a clear understanding, good communication between you and your doctor, along with realistic expectations, you’re on your way to a vibrant, more youthful appearance.

It’s important for you to follow the pre-treatment and post treatment instructions provided to you by your doctor.

Avoid Swelling & Bruises from Botox and Fillers

A week before your treatment, it is recommended to discontinue the use of certain medications in order to avoid excessive bleeding and unwanted bruising and/or swelling.

Make sure and discuss each medication with your doctor before you discontinue.

Most doctors will ask you to avoid common medications that may affect your blood thinning or clotting such as Asprin, and Ibuprofen, among many others. For pain, it is recommended to take Tylenol instead, it is deemed safe and effective.

Ask your doctor for a complete list of medications to avoid when you schedule your cosmetic injection treatment to be better prepared.

To further avoid swelling and bruising from cosmetic injections, it is recommended you stop the consumption of alcohol 2-3 days before your treatment day.

avoid bruises from cosmetic injections

Preventing Bruising and Swelling During and After Injections

During your treatment, your doctor will use numbing medication that contains anti-bruising and swelling topical medications. They will also ice the area to minimize the swelling.

After the treatment, any common signs of redness, tenderness, swelling or bruising are generally minimal and disappear quickly.

  • Continue to avoid medications recommended by your doctor
  • Avoid Alcohol after the treatment
  • Avoid excessive excercise
  • Use sunscreen and avoid the sun

Most minor problems will resolve by themselves, any minor bruising can easily be covered up with makeup.

Each patient heals differently, give yourself time and take it easy by avoiding anything excessive. Most results are not visible until a week or two later. Once any swelling and bruising has disappeared, you can enjoy your new youthful image.

Alexandra Chebil M.D. is a sought after cosmetic injector in Newport Beach CA. In our office, we provide our patients with educational material that can help them make informed decisions about their desired treatment, and we are always available to assist each patient, before, during and long after their treatment.

Prevention is key to the success of any treatment. If you’re concerned about injectable treatments or any side effects associated with Botox, fillers, or any other cosmetic injections, email us with your questions or schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Chebil.