Break Up with Your Glasses This Valentine's Day With LASIK

Break Up with Your Glasses This Valentine’s Day With LASIK

If you’re one of the 166 million Americans that wear either contacts or eyeglasses, you know how much of a hindrance they can be. Try playing sports, going swimming, or just doing daily activities, and you’re held back by your vision and corrective eyewear.

So before this coming Valentine’s Day, break up with your glasses by considering LASIK. In just one minimally invasive surgery, you can get the vision you want and fall back in love with the activities you enjoy—and maybe even attract the eye of another.

Get Ready for Your Date in Record Time

Nothing should be left to chance when you’re getting ready for a date. From your wardrobe to shaving to your perfume or cologne, every little touch goes a long way toward impressing your date.

But if you only have a limited time to get ready, you need to cut something out of the routine. By getting LASIK, you don’t have to worry about which pair of glasses to wear or to put your contacts in. Moreover, you can shave, do makeup, and prep all without glasses falling off your head or your contacts becoming sticky. No matter how you look at it, LASIK is a win-win.

Take a Better Selfie

No one’s saying that wearing glasses in a profile picture will keep people from dating you. But even if you’re married, there’s something a little sexier about seeing you without glasses. Thanks to LASIK, you can choose just how you want to look in your profile pic. With more and more people using apps to find their next date or soulmate, breaking up with your glasses this Valentine’s Day with LASIK might just push you to the next level of attractiveness.

Make the Love a Tad More Enjoyable

If you’re making all the right moves, perhaps you can end the night on a high note—if you catch the drift. However, contacts and eyeglasses can pose an imminent threat when you’re in the throes of passion. Knock a contact loose and you’re in discomfort. If your glasses get bumped, you’re constantly worried about dropping them—and worse yet—you can’t even see that special someone.

With LASIK, all of the inadvertent mishaps with your eyewear are a thing of the past. Just 24 to 48 hours after the surgery, you’re ready to engage in physical activity. You just might find that without glasses or contacts, you’re a bit suaver and more impressive on Valentine’s night—right when it matters most.

Choose a Doctor with a Lots of Love for Their Patients

Many eye doctors offer LASIK surgery, but that doesn’t mean that all of them are the best option for you. Instead of choosing a random doctor for your LASIK procedure, go with the doctor that has your best interests at heart.

With a mix of empathy, knowledge, and experience, you can get the results you want and enjoy Valentine’s Day without worrying about your vision. It’s just a little “Eye Love You” that you can give to yourself.

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