Consider Lasik to Improve Vision and Lifestyle

Many of Our Orange County patients that visit our Lasik Center in Newport Beach are tired of wearing contact lenses and glasses. Morning rituals of inserting a lens can take time.

Wearing eyeglasses is not always appealing, and can be quite uncomfortable on the nose bridge. This is one of the reasons that Lasik eye surgery is popular. The procedure allows you much more flexibility when it comes to your vision and lifestyle.

You will not only get rid of your contact lenses and glasses with this surgery. You will improve your overall vision which is a priceless benefit.  The costs of these procedures are much more affordable than they were decades ago. You can schedule this surgery and plan for recovery within a short period of time.  If you’ve considered this permanent solution, here are a few steps you’ll need to take.

Conditions Treated with Lasik Surgery

  • Myopia
  • Hyperopia
  • Astigmatism
  • Presbyopia

Learn more about these conditions, the first signs and symptoms.



Consult with a Top Lasik Surgeon

One reason that some people do not opt for Lasik is because they do not fully understand it. This is why consulting with an experienced Lasik doctor is important. You can use this time to ask if Lasik is right for you, get answers about the surgery, and costs associated with the procedure.  You’ll want to choose a surgeon that has performed thousands of successful surgeries like our very own Dr. Alexandra Chebil.  She is recognized as the best Lasik surgeon in Newport Beach, and treats patients from all over the country that seek her expertise.

Plan for Recovery

In most instances, Lasik takes a short period of time for recovery. In fact, people often experience perfect vision afterwards. It is necessary, however, to plan for the procedure and to accommodate its costs. Depending on your particular insurance policy, there may be coverage for this type of procedure. Preparing ahead of time is the best way to plan for this surgery.

Reduce Supply Costs

During your Lasik consultation time, you will learn the total cost of Lasik. Some patients will have insurance coverage for their procedure. Others will be responsible for handling these costs on their own.

Rochelle King on her paddleboard at sunset in Santa Barbara, CA on December 18, 2009.

Photo: Rochelle King on her paddleboard at sunset in Santa Barbara, CA on December 18, 2009.

Once you have Lasik surgery, you will notice a difference in your lifestyle. You will no longer have to purchase contact lens, rinsing solutions and other supplies. Although the initial cost of surgery may be more than you’re spending monthly, it pays off for itself. Eventually you will see more savings by not having to accommodate for contact lenses. The improvement of your vision is going to be priceless.

Many practices such as our Lasik Center in Newport Beach CA offer financing options which include interest-free financing.

Most our patients begin leading a more active lifestyle after the surgery, some even adopt new adventures, sports, and activities that their vision, glasses, or lenses didn’t allow them to comfortably enjoy prior to the surgery.  There are many reasons to consider Lasik and many of those reasons go beyond simply improving your vision, but also directly improve your lifestyle.

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