Emergency Medical Technicians and Lasik in the Covid-19 Era

Emergency Medical Technicians and Lasik in the Covid-19 Era

In the COVID era, wearing a mask isn’t only essential, it’s mandated across many states throughout the country. Fortunately, most people are able to remove their mask after going out in public. But that’s just not the case for emergency medical technicians (EMTs), doctors, and nurses. Throughout their shifts, they’re forced to wear masks as part of their protocol, as well as to stop or prevent the spread of COVID-19.

While many medical professionals have been wearing masks since the start of their career, others are still getting used to it. And although mask-wearing can seem like a nuisance, it’s particularly troubling for those who wear eyeglasses. If you’re a medical professional, find out how Lasik is a surefire solution to vision problems due to masks during COVID.

Our Orange County Lasik Center in Newport Beach is the private practice for Dr. Alexandra Chebil.  She is trusted by medical professionals and many have sought her expertise in recent months to finally live life free from glasses and contact lenses.

Problems with Eyeglasses and Masks During COVID

Wearing a mask with eyeglasses is particularly troublesome to nurses, doctors, and EMTs because it hinders their vision. As they breathe, their glasses fog up, impairing their vision until they have the opportunity to wipe their glasses.

In addition, many surgical-style masks include an underwire that allows wearers to affix or tighten the mask to their nose. While important to keep the mask fully functional, this wire also pinches the nose. With an added pair of glasses, this can cause discomfort on the bridge of the nose that lasts the entire day.

Benefits of Lasik for Medical Professionals Amid COVID

Medical professionals already have enough stress problematic scenarios throughout their workday. The last thing they need is the added discomfort of a mask exacerbated by wearing glasses. But Lasik can put these concerns to rest and provide crystal-clear vision with little downtime.

Lasik is a minimally invasive eye procedure. It’s safe, quick and effective.  After the procedure, patients can get back to their normal routine within 24 to 48 hours, ensuring that you don’t have to take time off from work, if any at all. The same day or in just a few days, you’ll enjoy 20/20 vision, and in some cases, even better vision than that. Not only does this make medical work easier, but it also eliminates the pinched nose and fogging that results from wearing both glasses and a surgical mask.

Others Following Suit

Although doctors, nurses, and EMTs are getting Lasik in droves, the general public is also following suit. Most states still require masks in businesses and public areas, causing glasses wearers to suffer from diminished vision. But with Lasik surgery, these individuals don’t have to worry about cleaning their glasses or reduced vision. Instead, they can enjoy vision that improves their day-to-day life without contacts or eyeglasses.

Thanks to advancements in Lasik and the experience of Dr. Alexandra Chebil treating over 70,000 patients to date, she is taking another problem or stressor off the plate of medical professionals and the public alike.  You can finally enjoy a better quality of life and fewer nuisances. Contact us for a consultation today to see how you can benefit from this amazing procedure.