False Eyelashes and Extensions have Serious Side Effects

Women all over the country strive for fuller, thicker, and longer lashes.  The quest to draw more attention to the eyes by using glued on, false eyelashes has some serious side effects women should be aware of. Allergic Reactions recently reported that both the glue, and the solvents used to remove them can cause allergic […]

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Consider Lasik to Improve Vision and Lifestyle

Many of Our Orange County patients that visit our Lasik Center in Newport Beach are tired of wearing contact lenses and glasses. Morning rituals of inserting a lens can take time. Wearing eyeglasses is not always appealing, and can be quite uncomfortable on the nose bridge. This is one of the reasons that Lasik eye […]

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Can You Identify These 6 Hollywood Stars by their Eyes?

Many believe an eye to eye meeting with a person can say a lot about their personality.  Eye contact in any relationship is quite important, but if you don’t see them again will you remember who they are just by seeing their eyes?. Check out this list of popular and familiar figures.  See if you […]

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Dry Eyes: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatments for Dry Eyes

We’ve all experienced dry eyes at one time or another, for some people the symptoms are persistent and reoccur often which makes it quite uncomfortable to enjoy a comfortable active lifestyle. Symptoms of Dry Eyes Dry eye symptoms may be different with each person, but they often include stinging, burning, eye redness, and a scratchy […]

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Dr. Alexandra Chebil, ophthalmologist, LASIK eye MD

Orange County Award – Dr. Chebil Receives Best Lasik in Newport Beach for 2015

Our Orange County Lasik surgeon has done it again; Dr. Chebil received the 2015 Best of Newport Beach Award in the Medical Clinic category by the Newport Beach Award Program. The Newport Beach Award Program is awarded yearly to those businesses that not only achieve exceptional success, but also place an emphasis on exceptional service […]

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