KYBELLA Injections With Dr. Chebil in Newport Beach, Orange County

The Kybella injections are an FDA non-surgical and injectable solution for reducing moderate to severe fat in the upper neck, most commonly referred to as ” the double chin “.

The fat reducing product is identical to the deoxycholic acid our body naturally produces to help absorb fats.  When injected by a trained professional into the submental fat, the drug destroys fat cells.

Both men and women achieve excellent results from the KYBELLA™ Injections.

Dr. Alexandra is highly regarded for her dedication and excellence in patient care.  She is an experienced, and sought after Orange County Kybella Provider.

If you’ve considered a neck lift, you owe it to yourself to find out about this amazing non-surgical solution.

Contact us or schedule a complimentary consultation for Kybella injections in Newport Beach.

For More Information Visit the Kybella Website


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