Kybella Side Effects and Risks

Are you ready to get Kybella injections and worried about the side effects and risks?  We hope this information will help you answer some common questions.

Synthetic Deoxycholic Acid is the active key ingredient found in the Kybella injection.  This acid is a natural molecule found in our body which aids in the breakdown of dietary fat.

The FDA approved Kybella for double chin injections and to get rid of chin fat without surgery.  The injection treatment destroys fat cells, once destroyed the cells will no longer store fat, the result is a better contoured chin without the excess stubborn fat.

Kybella Side Effects

Common Kybella Side Effects

Each body reacts differently, and although most of the treatments have minimal to no side effects, it’s important to discuss your treatment options with your doctor prior to starting this or any other treatment.

The most common side effects include injection site reactions like swelling, bruising, pain, numbness, redness, tingling or burning sensation, throat pain, high blood pressure, nausea or difficulty swallowing.

Common side effects such as bruising, swelling and pain are temporary, and can be treated with over the counter medication prior, and post treatment.

Kybella Injection Risks

The most concerning risk is nerve injury, and one of the biggest reasons you should choose an experienced Kybella professional to provide the treatment.  

Dr. Alexandra Chebil M.D. has treated hundreds of patients both men and women in her Orange County private practice.

It’s important to notify the doctor if you’re breastfeeding, pregnant, and provide them with a list of medications you’re already taking, Kybella may not interact well with other medications.

Alexandra Chebil M.D. will discuss all the details with you during your complimentary consultation.

This is not a complete list of side effects and others may occur.  Risks, side effects, and outcome details should be discussed with the doctor during your visit.  You may call the FDA at 800-FDA-1088 to report any Kybella side effects.