Why Laser Eye Surgery Experience Matters When Choosing a Lasik Surgeon

With laser vision correction, it’s not the laser that treats the eyes but the laser operator.  Often times patients fall for the low price advertisements and unknowingly sacrifice on quality.  An experienced Lasik surgeon is very important.

How much does an experienced Lasik surgeon matter?

A Lasik surgeon that performs a thousand pair of eyes per year is much more experienced than a surgeon who performs a hundred for multiple reasons.

  • The complex Lasik technology and tools become easier when frequently used
  • The surgeon sees more patients, thus they gain experience on the various conditions to be treated from different patients. Not all conditions are the same, and each patient is treated differently for their specific condition.

Some Lasik clinics offer low prices, patients must be aware that there are many “hidden fees” added after the consultation, not to mention newly graduated surgeons with less experience than a veteran surgeon.

During a consultation ask about Lasik experience

To find a surgeon that’s both experienced, affordable, and precise, don’t be shy! Ask about their experience.

  • How much education have you received?
  • Do you have additional specialized training?
  • How many surgeries do you perform per year?
  • How many surgeries have you performed similar to my condition?
  • Will you be the surgeon I see every time I come to this office, or multiple surgeons?
Newport Beach Experienced Lasik Surgeon

Alexandra Chebil M.D. in her private Newport Beach Lasik Practice – Orange County CA

The minimum requirements to become a Lasik eye surgeon are four years of undergraduate college, four years of medical school, one year of internship at a hospital, and three to four years of residency training in an Ophthalmology.

Many surgeons take it a step further and continue their education or specialized training that focuses on specific areas of the eye or certain eye conditions.

Doctor Alexandra Chebil is a board certified Ophthalmologist in Orange County who has performed over 40,000 Lasik vision correction surgeries.  She’s experienced, precise and personable, which is a trait her patients appreciate, and other Lasik eye surgeons rely on for training and experience.

Her expertise are:

Experienced Lasik Surgeon Orange County

Dr. Alexandra Chebil performing an Eye Exam

Dr. Alexandra Chebil operates a private Lasik practice in Newport Beach CA where she personally cares for the patient from the evaluation stage to months after the procedure.

She practices with passion and a belief that a patient receives the best care when they are working with one surgeon from start to finish, unlike the larger Lasik practices where a patient may see multiple surgeons and office staff during the treatment process and follow up visits.

No two eyes are made the same, and no two surgeons are experienced the same.  Lasik, like everything else is a “you get what you pay for” situation.  If you’re thinking about the long-term results and well-being of your eye health, don’t sacrifice on quality.  Select an experienced Ophthalmologist that will perform a safe, comfortable, and precise Lasik procedure on your eyes.

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