You may not know what will happen this fall, but you can be school ready without glasses or contacts with custom same day lasik

Laser Eye Surgery in 2020 Safe, Precise, and Better Than Ever

Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit the United States, over 40 million people have filed unemployment claims while an estimated 24.9 percent jobless rate plagues the country. As a result of these current hardships and economic times, many Americans are cutting back on unnecessary expenditures. However, cutting back on medical care such as laser eye surgery isn’t a sound proposition. Find out how laser eye surgery in 2020 is safe, precise, and better than ever, and how you can afford it during these uncertain times.

Laser Eye Surgery Safety Concerns

The Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization have deemed LASIK and other laser eye surgery procedures safe under a specific set of protocols. This includes social distancing, thorough cleaning of all facilities, and a limited amount of individuals allowed in the facility. Any reputable LASIK provider will follow these protocols to ensure the safety of their patients and staff. As a result, patients shouldn’t worry about the chance of COVID-19 infection.

At our private LASIK center in Newport Beach CA, you are only seen by Dr. Alexandra Chebil from your first visit to long after your treatment is complete.  This one-on-one level of care has made our private practice a sought after location for custom LASIK with over 70,000 satisfied patients to date.

The Benefits of Getting Laser Eye Surgery Now

Gaining 20/20 vision has many researched and proven benefits. In day-to-day life, patients who have undergone laser eye surgery enjoy a better quality of living. This permeates into every aspect of their lives, including the ability to see things without squinting, the lack of need for corrective contacts or eyeglasses, and even improved concentration.

The most intriguing aspect to add to these benefits comes as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Having 20/20 vision as a result of laser eye surgery can give you an advantage in recovering from the economic pitfalls of the disease.

With 20/20 vision, you can function better at your daily job. Whether you can see your computer screen clearer or you can teach kids how to improve their hand-eye coordination in baseball, you’ll have more options for employment moving forward.

Students may also benefit from laser eye surgery. Studies have shown that improved vision can drastically impact students’ learning abilities in the classroom. Upgraded vision can also help student-athletes take their game to the next level. With laser eye surgery, students can excel in both the classroom and on the field.

Affordable Options for Laser Eye Surgery Patients

Advancements in laser eye surgery over the past decade have led to a significant drop in the price, which is great news for those with limited extra money. Building upon the newfound affordability of treatment, many doctors also offer other affordable options such as payment plans and financing. But even if the cost of the surgery is ultimately shocking, the results are worth it. An investment in yourself is never a poor idea, especially if the return is better performance in all aspects of your life.

In 2020, do yourself a favor and get 20/20 vision with the help of laser eye surgery. Not only will you remain safe during the procedure, but the benefits you receive may turn 2021 into a year to remember for all the right reasons.

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