Lasik for MMA figthers

For professional athletes, glasses or contacts can hinder their performance, especially if an athlete is involved in contact sports, and the solution for that is lasik. MMA fighters have relied on Dr. Alexandra Chebil for their vision correction surgery in the past, and she’s no stranger to professional athlete vision correction.

With over 70,000 surgeries performed to date, she has an impeccable reputation and a following of patients that regard her as Orange County’s best Ophthalmologist.

MMA Fighters Treatments

Unlike the general public, many things must be considered when providing vision LASIK for MMA fighters. It’s a contact sport that involves careful planning and a meticulous treatment approach.

Besides her patient bedside manner, Dr. Alexandra Chebil is sought after by other laser vision correction surgeons in the country when they face a difficult case that needs attention.

She has traveled the country to treat exclusive patients that may want to remain discreet or must have a treatment that requires her level of expertise.

Joe Schilling Pro Athlete MMA Fighter

Not a stranger to those that follow MMA fights, Joe Schilling’s vision correction surgery was well documented by his staff and he went on to fight his best fight soon after his surgery. The entire staff at Lasik Center Medical Group was rooting for him.

He wasn’t the first pro-athlete to get vision correction surgery with Dr. Alexandra Chebil.

MMA fighter Joe Schilling qualifying for LASIK vision correction with Dr. Alexandra Chebil

UFC fighter Mauricio "Shogun" Rua

UFC fighter Mauricio “Shogun” Rua is another patient that received his vision correction surgery at our Newport Beach Lasik Center which has quickly become the most referred private office for professional athletes of various sports.


UFC fighter Mauricio “Shogun” Rua qualifying his vision for UFC with Dr. Alexandra Chebil

Leonardo Mafra in Mixed Martial Arts

One of the most recent patients to visit our private Orange County practice with Dr. Alexandra Chebil is Leonardo Mafra, he came in for an exam qualifying him to compete in the mixed martial art field.


Leonardo Mafra – Professional MMA fighter, qualifying his vision for MMA fighting with Dr. Alexandra Chebil

Why Our Athlete Vision Correction Specialist?

Besides her experience, Dr. Alexandra Chebil’s private Newport Beach practice has an anxiety-free atmosphere. She is involved with each patient from their first visit to long after their laser vision correction is completed.

Whether you’re a pro-athlete or not, trusting your eyes to a professional is one of the most important decisions you can make. Take the time to review Dr. Alexandra Chebil’s following of patients and impeccable rating.

Shed those glasses and contact lenses for good by contacting our office for a private consultation.