Lasik Selfie Wall – Real Lasik Patients in Orange County CA

Improve your appearance, lead a convenient, active lifestyle free from eyeglasses and contact lenses. #NoMoreGlasses

“Beauty is in the Eyes” and “Beauty Begins with the Eyes”

Whether you work, travel, study, or lead an active lifestyle, patients have improved their daily activities soon after Lasik eye surgery, meet a few right here!

Happy Lasik Patient from Los Angeles

Adrian C – Lasik Patient and Professional Tattoo artist from Los Angeles CA

Downey CA Lasik patient in Newport Beach

Christopher M from Downey CA. Lasik in Newport Beach May 2020

orange county lasik patient with dr alexandra

Hunter M ~ Lasik on May 2020 with 20/15 Vision

Happy Lasik patient in Orange County

Austin B ~ 20/15 vision in less than 24 hours after Lasik

26 year old lasik patient in newport beach ca with dr alexandra

Jaimy J ~ Lasik on April 2020 ~ 20/15 Vision

Bridget E. ~ Lasik on 4-16-2020

Caesar ~ Lasik April, 2020. 20/15 vision after Lasik

orange county prk patient with dr alexandra chebil

Maria L PRK ~ 12/21/18

Newport Beach lasik patient with dr alexandra

Levi Chang Lasik 1/13/20

Melina Ahmadzadeh Lasik patient on 12-27-18

Melina Ahmadzadeh ~ Lasik 12-27-18

Lasik patient with Dr Alexandra Chebil

Vanessa Flores ~ PRK on 10-09-19

Caroline Chow lasik Patient Orange County

Caroline Chow ~ Lasik on 08-23-18

newport beach prk patient with dr chebil

Esther C. ~ PRK ~ 12-27-2018

Jeffrey Ramirez PRK 8-8-2019
Jeffrey Ramirez~PRK 8-8-2019
Corina Cosip Lasik 8/16/19
Leonardo Mafra – Pro Mixed Martial Arts with Dr. Alexandra Chebil
PRK patient Orange County lasik
Brian Foley – PRK Patient – May 2019
danika brysha model gets lasik eye surgery
Professional Model Danika Brysha ~ Lasik March 2019

joe schilling mma fighter vision correction surgery

Joe Schilling (MMA Fighter) ~ Vision Correction ~ 4-1-2019

Orange County Lasik Patient in Newport Beach

Laura L. ~ Lasik Patient 10-4-2018






Orange County PRK Lasik Patient

Carmen L PRK 10-4-2018






Happy lasik patient in orange county

Mike P ~ PRK ~ 9-25-2017






Newport Beach Lasik Patient

Taylor D ~ Lasik 5-9-2018






Orange County Lasik Patient in Newport Beach

Omar F ~ Lasik 6-16-2018 “Best decision in my life to come and get my lasik done by Dr. Alexandra Chebil” Omar






PRK patient in Orange County

Kevin S ~ PRK OS 1-20-2018






Orange county lasik patient

Minh N ~ LASIK 3/14/18






Orange County Patient Kimberly Lasik Surgery 3-6-2018

Kimberly ~ Lasik on 3-6-2018






Orange County Lasik Patient Greg C

Greg C. ~ PRK on 3-13-2017






Geena P ~ PRK on 4-17-17






Haig S ~ PRK 2-9-2018






orange county lasik patient blake with dr alexandra

Blake M. ~ Lasik 3-8-2018






orange county lasik patient from 2-15-2017

Peter C ~ Lasik on 2-15-2017






Melissa – Lasik Patient with Dr Alexandra and Jennifer






Steven S ~ PRK vision Correction with Dr Alexandra, Marsha & Friend






Jonathan R ~ Lasik 12/20/2017






Orange County Lasik Treatment in October

Michael N. ~ Lasik on 10-17-2017






PRK patient in orange county with Dr Chebil

Steve B ~ PRK on 7-20-2017






lasik eye surgery with dr chebil orange county

Griselda J with Dr. Chebil ~ Lasik 3-7-2017







Eriko S ~ PRK 4-4-2017






orange county lasik patient

Michaela G. ~ Lasik Patient 8-25-2017







Orange county lasik patient

Gina P ~ Lasik Patient ~ 4-17-2017


prk patient in orange county

Edwin P ~ PRK patient ~ 8-3-2017






laser vision correction patient

Reuben S ~ Lasik Patient ~ August 26, 2017






Orange County Lasik Patient

Lasik Patient – 2017






Bernice C. ~ PRK Vision Correction 6-2017

Bernice C. ~ PRK Vision Correction 6-2017






Frank R. ~ Lasik Surgery 6-2017

Frank R. ~ Lasik Surgery 6-2017






Michael P. ~ PRK Vision Correction 2-2017

Michael P. ~ PRK Vision Correction 2-2017






Sunny J. ~ PRK Vision Correction 1-2017

Sunny J. ~ PRK Vision Correction 1-2017






John O

John O ~ Lasik Eye Surgery on June 17, 2017







May S ~ PRK Vision Correction 6-17-2017






Lasik patient and UFC fighter Mauricio "Shogun" Rua

Lasik patient and UFC fighter Mauricio “Shogun” Rua