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LASIK Vision Correction Amid COVID-19

As the infection curve of COVID-19 begins to flatten in the United States, many states have attempted to restore some sense of normality. As of May 4, 2020, over 30 states have reopened businesses in some capacity, allowing businesses to recoup their losses and residents to resume their normal day-to-day activities. Among the lifted restrictions in many states are the ability to undergo elective surgeries, such as LASIK vision correction. Concern among patients is justified; however, eye care professionals are doing everything possible to ensure the safety of their patients who need vision-restoring LASIK. Here’s how.

Recommendations from Public Health Institutions

Despite the reopening of many businesses and services, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) still has recommendations for elective surgeries such as LASIK. This includes:

  • Proof of a sustained reduction in COVID-19 cases over the past 14 days.
  • Trained, educated, and experienced staff onsite.
  • Staggered scheduling of patients.

Through these regulations, the CDC and eye care professionals can limit the chance of the spread of COVID-19.

Other Safety Measures During COVID-19 for LASIK

In addition to the regulations laid out by the CDC, most LASIK providers will have a set of regulations to further curb the chance of disease transmission. Combined with CDC regulations, patients should feel relaxed as they undergo each step of the LASIK process.

At our Orange County Lasik Center in Newport Beach, Dr. Alexandra Chebil is an experienced ophthalmologist.  She is the ONE doctor you see from the consultation stage to long after the treatment is done.  This level of personalized care is essential and eliminates contact with multiple people.

lasik during covid19

Questionnaire and Screening

The patient screening will occur over the phone when confirming your appointment.

As soon as patient arrives at the office, they’ll undergo a quick temperature screening and questionnaire. Our staff which only consists of one person will have minimal contact and maintain social distancing standards.

Additional Cleaning

Infection control is always a top priority at our practice but we’ve implemented additional sanitizing standards that go above and beyond the recommended guidelines along with additional hand sanitizing stations to ensure your safety and peace of mind when coming in.

Personal Protective Equipment

We encourage all potential LASIK patients to wear personal protective equipment when coming into our office.  If patients do not have one available, we will provide it.  Both Dr. Alexandra Chebil and Jennifer will have all the required PPE when in office.

Spaced-Out Appointments

Spaced-out appointments will help limit the spread of COVID-19 if a patient is infected. When more than one patient is in the LASIK care center, social distancing protocols are required with a minimum distance of six feet between people.  We have eliminated this issue by ensuring there’s a large gap between each patient, this means you’ll never have to wait in the lobby with other people.

Five Steps of Surgical Care

In line with suggestions from the CDC, eye care offices offering LASIK will follow five steps of surgical care. These steps include two phases of preoperative care, one step of intraoperative care, and two stages of follow-up care. By following these rules, patients of LASIK surgery can recover without concern of exposure to COVID-19.

Telehealth Follow Up

Following LASIK, patients can follow up with the doctor through an online meeting. By using telehealth conferencing via Zoom or Skype, patients can adhere to quarantine guidelines and limit their exposure to COVID-19, which could potentially cause complications.  Even your follow up appointment is done with Dr. Alexandra Chebil.  Being we’re a one doctor office, we can go above and beyond the recommended guidelines because we can.

COVID-19 is a serious concern for all healthcare professionals and their patients. But with the implementation of these regulations and adherence to safety, patients should feel relaxed and ready to start the next chapter of their life with 20/20 vision.

If you’re ready to find out whether Lasik is right for you, there’s no better time.  Lasik is safe, effective, fast, and affordable.

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