Ryan H. _ Medical Professional at Varian Medical - Lasik in Newport Beach on June 15th. Now 20/15 vision.

iDesign Technology

Getting Lasik isn’t simply about seeing better.  The procedure is as unique as you are.  Our Orange County Lasik Center offers custom vision correction and the iDesign technology which offers a difference you can really see.

What is iDesign Technology?

Lasik is always dependent on the most advanced technology.  Since its inception, researchers continue to find and develop equipment that further assists surgeons during the procedure.  This continuous improvement in technology makes Lasik even safer, faster, and more effective than ever.

Technologies like IDesign offers 25 times more precision than conventional measurements which provides a one-of-a-kind custom Lasik vision correction and results such as 20/16 or better vision for most patients without the need for glasses or contact lenses.

iDesign Technology - Custom Lasik Orange County Newport Beach

A Custom Lasik Experience

At our private Lasik Center in Newport Beach.  Dr. Alexandra Chebil prides herself on providing personalized one-on-one patient care in a private office.  Patients appreciate the personalized approach in this private office.

IDesign technology is a great addition to our already advanced Lasik Center in Orange County.  Dr. Alexandra Chebil is always seeking new advanced technology that improves the outcome of each procedure ensuring patients have the most advanced equipment available when they choose her for Lasik.

How Does iDesign Lasik Work?

Custom Lasik uses wavefront-guided Lasik.  There are many machines to rely on but iDesign is among the best in the industry.  The iDesign system collects significantly more data points than some other wavefront systems, more than 1,200 data points.  This translates to more accurate measurements with a detailed map.

The iDesign data collected integrate into the laser system which is used for corneal reshaping by the doctor.  This precision in data collection leads to a perfect adjustment in the shape of the cornea and the best visual outcome after treatment.

Any little imperfections in your cornea causing you vision issues are unique to you.  Dr. Alexandra Chebil is sought after nationwide for her experience as an ophthalmologist and her meticulous approach to each and every patient she treats.

This advanced equipment assists her in detecting very small abnormalities and leads to less risk, less recovery time, and better than 20/16 vision after your custom Lasik procedure.

If you want to know more about this technology, discuss your vision correction options, or schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Alexandra Chebil.  Contact us to book your Lasik appointment today.