Preparing For An Appointment With Your Opthamologist

Waiting to have problems before you see an eye doctor is never a good idea.  While your eyes may be the window to your soul, for an optometrist, they are the window to your overall health.

An eye exam can determine whether you’re at risk of other health issues such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, stroke, and many more.

Prevention is the best approach, this means the earlier you see any doctor, the better.

Adults in the United States reportedly use digital devices of up to 12 hours a day.  The use of computers, cell phones, and other digital devices can cause a lot of strain on the eyes.  It’s difficult to avoid digital devices in our society, but seeing an eye doctor on a regular basis can avoid long term issues.

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Here are a few things you can do to prepare yourself for your appointment.

Make a List of Questions for your Opthamologist

After leaving a doctor appointment, the majority of us always think “I should’ve asked him/her about that”.  The day before your appointment, make a list of important things you want to know, and prepare questions you’d like your eye doctor to answer.

Whether it’s a regular exam, or Lasik eye surgery, you’ll feel more confident after your visit if you get all your questions answered.

Make Notes Before Your Eye Doctor Visit

Aside from questions, you’ll want to notify your doctor of any changes in your eyesight.  Make notes and bring up other health issues you’re experiencing, don’t assume they are not related to your eyes (headaches, migraines, neck pain, etc…) Being honest with your doctor will lead to better vision, and overall health.

To get a quick list together, self-assess by asking yourself a few questions:

How do I use my eyesight on a daily basis?

You’ll want to note how many hours you spend behind a computer, or any digital devices, and how often you rest.

If you’re in an industry that requires you to be in a dark room the majority of the day, or outdoor in the sun, both are important to note.  If you read a lot, watch television without any lights in the room.

Review your lifestyle to help you prepare the list for your eye doctor.

Dry eyes, itching and burning eyes?

These symptoms are directly related to your eye health.  Don’t assume they are temporary, and ignore them.  Talk to your doctor to help you determine the severity, and eliminate the possibility of ocular surface disease, and serious health issues.

Eye doctors like our top Orange County Opthamologist Dr. Alexandra pride themselves on personalized care, they are eager to hear every detail, and provide you with answers to your health questions.

We hope you found these tips useful and something you’ll rely on for your next doctor appointment.

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