Professionals and Students Are Using the Quarantine to Achieve 20/20 Vision with Custom LASIK

Professionals and Students Are Using the Quarantine to Achieve 20/20 Vision with Custom LASIK

The COVID-19 pandemic has quarantined many people around the globe. Students are forced to take online classes, while working professionals have been required to telecommute. Now that the second wave of COVID-19 has hit, the situation seems dire. But even during a global pandemic, a silver lining remains. Students and professionals are using the opportunity in quarantine to achieve 20/20 vision with custom LASIK.


We must note, no matter what profession you’re in, many of our patients are experiencing fogged glasses due to the mask they must wear.  Our healthcare professionals are working long shifts where they must use these masks and further more in their personal lives off work.  Lasik has helped hundreds of patients shed their glasses and contacts for good.


Our Orange County practice is the private practice of Dr. Alexandra Chebil.  We have taken all pre-cautions and ensure a one-on-one experience from the first visit to long after the treatment is done.  Dr. Alexandra Chebil has treated over 70,000 satisfied patients that are eager to give her thumbs up for excellent bed side manner and perfect results.

How Is Custom LASIK Different from Conventional LASIK?

Despite the closeness in names, custom LASIK differs substantially from conventional LASIK. Here’s a quick glance at the differences:

Custom LASIK

  • Uses wavefront-guided technology and computer imaging to reshape the cornea, resulting in better vision.
  • Improves contrast and sensitivity.
  • Can drive after 24 to 48 hours.
  • Takes three to six months for full vision clarity.
  • Because of the expertise and equipment involved, custom LASIK is more expensive than conventional LASIK.

Conventional LASIK

  • Uses an excimer laser to reshape the cornea.
  • Helps patients achieve 20/20 vision.
  • Can drive after 24 to 48 hours.
  • Full vision clarity takes between one to six months.


Although three to six months may seem like a long recuperation time for surgery, the quarantine and stay-at-home orders can give patients the time they need to recover without any complications.  View our existing LASIK patients in Newport Beach that are happy with their results of 20/20 vision or better.

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Advantages of Custom LASIK for Students and Athletes

Because Dr. Alexandra Chebil uses wavefront-guided lasers to shape certain spots of the cornea, it’s often more effective than conventional LASIK. The improvement in sensitivity and contrast is particularly helpful for students and athletes. After the recuperation period, many students will return to class. With custom LASIK, they’ll be able to see the chalkboard or front of the class far easier, which has been linked to scholastic improvement and better test scores.


Vision is directly responsible for the success of athletes in almost every sport. Thanks to custom LASIK, these athletes can not only enjoy 20/20 vision, but they receive a bit more clarity and contrast. Even this minute change in vision can give them the upper hand, especially in fast-reaction sports such as ice hockey and baseball.

Benefits of Custom LASIK for Professionals

Although some workers may find a permanent arrangement as telecommuters due to COVID-19, others may not have that luxury. As a result, poor vision can hinder their career aspirations or ability to get promoted. These are the individuals that can benefit most from custom LASIK.


Not only does custom LASIK make only the necessary changes (unlike conventional LASIK, which reshapes the entire cornea), but it also has other distinct advantages that could help professionals. Most notably, custom LASIK provides drastically improved night vision, which could prove beneficial for pilots, police officers, and other night-time workers.


In addition, this improved vision can also help professionals see clearly during seminars, work meetings, conferences, and other events that can propel their career.


With 20/20 vision from custom LASIK, remote workers and online students can improve their vision. Not only will this help them focus on the tasks at hand, but it also improves the quality of life. Hopefully, this vision improvement will enable them to excel in the workplace and the classroom during and after quarantine and the COVID-19 pandemic subsides.