Spring into 2021 Vision Without Glasses with Custom Lasik Solutions

Spring into 2021 Vision Without Glasses with Custom Lasik Solutions

Let’s face it. Glasses and contacts are a nuisance. With a pair of glasses, you’re constantly cleaning the lenses or attempting to adjust them. Contacts aren’t much better. If you don’t take them out each evening, you risk eye infections or discomfort — two aspects you wanted to alleviate by wearing corrective lenses. And that’s why in 2021, it’s time for you to spring into action with custom LASIK solutions. With this cutting-edge, minimally invasive procedure, you can enjoy crystal-clear vision without hindrances.

Custom LASIK for All Ages

With the approval of the Food and Drug Administration in 2015, custom LASIK is an ideal vision solution for patients ages 18 and up. When a patient decides to undergo the procedure at 18, they also get a number of benefits. This includes 20/20 or better vision for a longer length of their adult life, as well as not having to wear glasses or contacts for school or sports. Furthermore, people of this age heal remarkably more quickly than older patients, meaning that they’ll only be sidelined for a few days at most.

What Is Custom LASIK and Why You Should Choose It

Custom LASIK is one of the greatest advancements in LASIK technology since traditional LASIK was approved by the FDA in 1995. The major difference is that traditional LASIK consists of how the surgeon assesses the eyes, and consequently, how they’re repaired.

In traditional LASIK, the patient undergoes an eye exam, which enables the doctor to determine how to apply the excimer laser that reshapes the eye. Custom LASIK, however, takes this idea to a high-tech level by using wavefront technology. With this technology, the doctor can discover smaller imperfections in the cornea, which allows them to fix higher-order aberrations that aren’t ordinarily corrected by traditional LASIK.

Plus, patients of custom LASIK often heal completely within 24 to 72 hours with minimal, if any, side effects. In traditional LASIK, patients may see halos or glare for a few months before it finally subsides.  Patients have reported better than 20/20 vision the same day.

Go the Extra Distance With iDesign LASIK

In 2018, the FDA approved Johnson & Johnson’s iDesign Refractive Studio — the next generation in LASIK technology. Though similar to custom LASIK, iDesign takes the use of wavefront technology to new heights.  We are proud to offer this latest custom Lasik innovation at our private Lasik practice in Newport Beach.

The iDesign studio uses a different variant of wavefront technology, which provides a topographical map of the eye. This provides the surgeon with a “map” of the eye, but inside and out. Using this map, the doctor then uses the computer system to concentrate the excimer laser on the eye to perfect specifications, making the procedure up to 25 times more accurate than traditional LASIK and far more accurate than custom LASIK. This level of accuracy equates to less risk, less recovery time, and a wonderful vision for years to come.

With custom LASIK solutions, you get so much more than superior vision. You get a new sense of confidence and comfort that you never thought possible. So, if you’re on the fence about LASIK, just remember that this safe and simple procedure will provide you with another reason to get excited about the spring.

Everyone in our office is treated by Dr. Alexandra Chebil, we differentiate ourselves from other Lasik Centers by providing personalized care.  You will be treated by Dr. Alexandra Chebil from your first consultation visit to long after your procedure is done.  Call us to book a one-on-one consultation today.