Best Lasik Center in Orange County CA

When you’re looking for a Lasik practice in Orange County CA, you not only want the best surgeon, but you also want the entire Lasik staff to share in the mission, vision, and have extensive experience when supporting your vision correction needs.  

Jennifer – Patient CounselorJennifer joined our team in 2005 bringing with her a strong background in management and finance.

Jennifer is both office manager and patient counselor, and is highly appreciated by both patients and fellow staff members for her clinical expertise, great sense of humor and compassion.

You will find Jennifer to be extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of patient care, and she will serve as your guide throughout the entire vision or aesthetic treatment process.

Jennifer has seen firsthand the great results Dr. Alexandra obtains, and over the years has trusted many friends/family members (including her own mother and sister) to her care.

Due to Marsha’s aesthetic expertise, Dr. Alexandra Chebil has expanded her practice to include non-invasive facial rejuvenation and other skin care treatments.

Having seen many patients undergo their procedures with Dr. Chebil, Marsha is very knowledgeable about all aspects of the procedures performed by Dr. Alexandra and has referred many of her friends and family for LASIK and aesthetic procedures.

Jane’s caring approach and great sense of humor are appreciated by both her LASIK and aesthetic patients. Jane takes pride in making your visit with us very relaxing and enjoyable.


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