Newest LASIK Technology and Is it Safe

Newest LASIK Technology and Is it Safe?

As with most types of medical procedures, LASIK technology is constantly evolving. With these latest innovations, this popular eye surgery has become more accurate and exact, giving patients improved vision and a better quality of life. But with any highly touted new medical advancement, you may have some questions and concerns about safety. And that’s […]

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Seeing is believing

Lasik Offers Minimal Corrective Eye Surgery Risks

Talk about getting rid of eyeglasses or contacts with anyone and they’ll immediately recommend you undergo Lasik as a corrective eye surgery option. You’re still concerned with the corrective eye surgery risks, so you shy away but Lasik is trending across the world for many reasons, one of the biggest reasons is its minimal risks […]

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Is Lasik Right For Me?

For the right patient, Lasik eye surgery can be very successful, but like all procedures, it’s not for everyone. Thousands of Lasik surgeries are performed each year.  The procedure can permanently reduce or completely eliminate the use of glasses or contact lenses.  Patients enjoy the new found freedom, and maintenance free lifestyle soon after the […]

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