LASIK Vision Correction Amid COVID-19

As the infection curve of COVID-19 begins to flatten in the United States, many states have attempted to restore some sense of normality. As of May 4, 2020, over 30 states have reopened businesses in some capacity, allowing businesses to recoup their losses and residents to resume their normal day-to-day activities. Among the lifted restrictions […]

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Why Athletes and MMA Fighters Choose Orange County’s Dr. Alexandra Chebil for Lasik.

For professional athletes, glasses or contacts can hinder their performance, especially if an athlete is involved in contact sports. MMA fighters have relied on Dr. Alexandra Chebil for their vision correction surgery in the past, and she’s no stranger to professional athlete vision correction. With over 50,000 surgeries performed to date, she has an impeccable […]

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Is Lasik Surgery a Good Option for Athletes?

Glasses and contact lenses are inconvenient for most people, but they are especially a nuisance if you lead an active lifestyle.  Lasik for athletes is a great option, let’s discover why. Athletes have a higher risk of breaking their eyeglasses; they experience increased irritation with their contact lenses from dust, and sweat, so there is […]

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