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Lasik Reviews and Testimonials

Patient satisfaction is our top priority. We value patient reviews and encourage all our patients to share their LASIK PRK experience with their friends and family, as well as on line and through Social Media. Dr. Chebil will explain the LASIK procedure and will listen to your questions and concerns before and after your LASIK or PRK treatment. We know that your time is valuable and will do our best to see you with a minimum of wait time at your visits with us. Please read out LASIK reviews and learn what makes us stand out as one of Orange County’s top LASIK centers.

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Natalie E on Yelp

There really are not enough great things I can say that could explain how incredible Jennifer, Marcia and Dr. Chebil are! You walk in and always feel like family, they are real and down to earth, not snobby and stuffy which is refreshing!!!
Dr. Chebil always makes you look beautiful and natural which is more than I can say about a lot of people who do fillers and Botox. I am grateful to each and every one of them for going up and beyond!
Besides that My nephew Joshua just had lasik surgery done and he is ecstatic!!! He can SEE without glasses and it was quick, simple and painless!!!
Love you guys!!!

Michele Geist on Google

A very special thank you to Dr. Chebil’s office manager Jennifer Bress for working with my schedule and finances to get the best nonsurgical cosmetic results possible. Jennifer greets me the moment I arrive for my appointment and attends to my every need to ensure that I have a wonderful experience while at the office. Every visit to Dr. Chebil’s is a spa day that literally lasts for months. Thank you Jennifer!

Nancy Muratalla on Google

I have been a botox patient at this office for many years now!! I am very pleased and impressed with Dr. Chebil she is a great doctor and listens to what it is you are trying to achieve. The office staff is outstanding! Jennifer and Marsha are incredibly knowledgeable and friendly. Jennifer greets all patients in a very warm and welcoming manner. She makes you feel very comfortable and very well taken care of. If it is a procedure you have never had before she is very knowledgable and explains how it works and which product would provide your best results. If you are looking for a great office with friendly staff that go over and beyond for you with amazing results then this is the place for you! Thank you Ladies for always taking such great care of me!

Ana-Maria Mejia on Google

I have been coming here for a few years now and I absolutely love Jennifer, Dr. Chebil and her entire staff. Jennifer is such a professional and puts pride and dedication in her work. She is so amazing on going over exactly what you want and what you need done. Dr. Chebil does such a outstanding job and makes you feel and look amazing. Everyone is so professional and treats you with outstanding service always. I recommend all your needs here… them ❤️

Sylvia MulHoland on Google

Dr. Chebil is terrific! She set me up with mono vision (wearing one contact) so I could toss my old lady reading glasses. So great! I was always losing them, and they gave me headaches. With mono vision I have “never looked back!” She has also done fast and thorough eye exams for me whenever needed. I never have to wait very long to see her for my appointments and her staff are all very nice, and totally professional as well.

Ilari D.

Where to begin?
I had my procedure done on 9/18. Prior to making an appointment I had done tons of research and read yelp reviews. I found out my friend had her procedure done with Dr. Chebil so, I finally decided to make an appointment. I told them I would be driving from Los Angeles and they offered to have the procedure done the same day if I was a candidate.

The day finally comes and everyone is so incredibly nice! It was customer appreciation day so they had sweet treats available for customers. Delicious! I got my exams done and next thing you know Dr. Chebil is explaining the procedure to me step by step. She answered all my questions and her understanding of Spanish was a surprise to my mother and I. Bien hecho Dr. Chebil!

The procedure took 13 minutes exactly I know because my mom timed it from the moment Dr. Chebil spun me under the laser. The procedure itself is a bit scary because you can’t see whats going on. Dr. Chebil was telling me everything she was doing as the procedure went on therefore, it was less nerve racking. As soon as the procedure is over they ask you to look at the eye exam board and HOLY SHIZ I could see waaaaaaaay better. I mean seriously technology, science, and doctors are amazing!

Went back 5 days later for a check up and I almost scored 20/15 vision. In six months we’ll know for sure what the exact vision is but, I’m definitely seeing 20/20 now. I wore glasses for 12 years and contacts for one year and a half. I couldn’t deal with either one anymore, glasses got in the way of sports and contacts were too hard to keep up with; not to mention expensive!

I didn’t feel any pain post-op. I went to work the next day , everything was fine. I used a groupon, 2k for Lasik but, I believe this offer has limited time left. I’d get it while I can honestly. 13 minutes, 2k, and minimal pain for Lasik; it’s life changing, literally. Dr. Chebil and her staff are the only ones I recommend!!!

Jaimie J.

I arrived on time, filled out a form, and didn’t wait long (which was awesome!). I immediately got to see the doctor, and the consultation didn’t take long at all. What I enjoy about this office is that whatever price they offer you for LASIK stays that price. They don’t try to offer you a ridiculous price to negotiate from, and I appreciated that very much! I even got a tour of the room where the LASIK is done…complete with a cute teddy bear to hold on to.

I had to mention this: while I was filling out my form, there was a young lady in the waiting room with me that was going to get her surgery done that day. They called her name and she walked over to the nurse. She was visibly shaken, and said “I just don’t think I’m ready to do this today.” Obviously, that would normally make anyone else in the waiting room nervous, but it didn’t for me. The way the nurse handled it was nothing short of amazing. She comforted her and reassured her that this was HER surgery and she is always welcome to reschedule it.

I felt like I was in good hands 🙂 I made my appointment in June!

Olivia E.

I had LASIK surgery done by Dr. Chebil back in 2004. I just found the DMV card she gave me in a box and decided to do this review as a small thing in return for what she did for me. My eyesight is still perfect 10 years later!! She did an amazing job, is obviously highly skilled, and was kind and eased me through the process, which can seem scary at first. She really knows what she is doing. Highly recommended!!!

Ivy K.

One by one, everyone else did it… And I wanted to do it, too.

But I was scared. Scared because I only have one set of eyeballs, and freaked out by the idea of anything slicing and dicing them up.

Then I saw a LivingSocial deal… Bladeless LASIK with no hidden fees or “upgrade additional” options? Sweet. I Yelped the reviews (almost all overwhelmingly positive)… And still couldn’t take the plunge.

But I did call Dr. Chebil at the Lasik Center Medical group for a consultation. Completely free, it would determine whether or not I qualified for the fancy bladeless LASIK even with my astigmatism and -4.5 left eye and -4.75 right eye.

Dr. Chebil was extremely professional and VERY knowledgeable. Her staff was warm and friendly and I liked the vibe. Her office was clean and spacious and she’s done over 40,000 surgeries.

After meeting with Dr. Chebil and her staff and seeing the office, I decided that I wanted to go ahead and schedule the procedure. She honored the LivingSocial deal cost for me and I was THRILLED – One of my best girlfriends had the exact same procedure done for over twice what I was about to pay, so this was an incredible deal for a super high quality service!

I wasn’t allowed to wear contacts for a week prior to my surgery. The day of, they gave me a stuffed bear to hold and swung me under the laser… Drops were applied, machine-gun-like noises were rattled off by the laser, everything went completely black for a few seconds, and then it was over just minutes later.

When I opened my eyes, everything was blurry. Very blurry. The Xanax + Vicodin combo they gave me knocked me out, and my two darling friends drove me home safely and soundly. I somehow made it into bed and slept from 2pm the day of the surgery until 8am the next day. No joke.

When I woke up, I opened my eyes… AND I COULD SEE!!!!!! Yay for the miracle of modern medicine and technological advancement! I drove myself back to Newport Beach for the follow-up appointment and I tested at 25/20. I was told that my vision would improve to 20/20 within a week and likely 20/15 within 3 months.

This was last Thursday. Just 6 days later, I’m feeling AMAZING and my eyesight is better and clearer than ever!!! I’m following all of the post-surgery instructions to ensure the best possible result and my only regret is that I didn’t go ahead and do this year earlier. YAY for never having to deal with glasses or contacts ever again and YAY for having incredible freedom with perfect eyes and perfect vision!!!!

Thank you Dr. Chebil and staff for a wonderful, professional, and profoundly positive life-changing experience. I HIGHLY recommend the Lasik Center Medical Group for LASIK… Looking forward to being at 20/15 soon!!

Christopher R.

I’m one week in after my surgery with Dr. Chebil, and I could not be happier with my results. The clarity is phenomenal, and I have the wonderful staff here to thank for it.

Dr. Chebil and her staff are exceptionally friendly, warm and comforting, without the usual pushiness of just being another patient on their roster. The four times I’ve been to the clinic in the last two weeks — despite my commute from Burbank — have been positively wonderful experiences all, and I couldn’t recommend them more highly.

Ryan M.

Absolutely amazing experience!

Every step of the way they took care of me. I couldn’t be happier. The energy in the office is unique, fun and professional – exactly what I needed.

Every surgery is different, but I can say mine went perfect. It’s been two days, and I see great. I’m so excited for these next few weeks to just keep getting better and better. It feels like a guilty pleasure to go to bed and wake up with perfect vision – I love it!

Christian S.

I had put off doing LASIK for almost 20 years and finally Dr. Chebil and her GREAT staff have given me better vision than I could have ever imagined! Don’t waste another blurry morning……..

Veronica H.

I just had my LASIK procedure on Saturday and I feel like a new woman. The scheduling was very easy; Dr. Chebil’s staff was friendly and sympathetic for making me wait an hour to go into the surgery room. The follow up has been consistent and I’m glad I had my procedure with Dr. Chebil. She came highly recommended from a few of my coworkers.

Jeff K.

Ok…I normally don’t post reviews; last one was more than 2 years ago on Yelp. I just wanted to take a moment to let you, the ones who are considering Lasik, read about my experience. The service that I received was incredible! I had my Lasik done on both eyes on Saturday March 8th 2014. I was scared. I thought I could go back to work on Monday. No return to work that week…it hurt for a few days. Dr. Chebil told me to come on back as soon as possible. She gave me two different prescription drops immediately and showed me how to use them correctly because my two eyes were in different conditions. The pain went away after a few days and the blurriness also cleared after about 7-10 days

Her staff is also a great group of people! Both Marsha and Jennifer helped me out several times. I needed a notice from Dr. Chebil about being out of work then another notice about changing work conditions, they were both provided the same day! We also had an issue with billing and that was resolved immediately! I also just met my GREAT Optometrist, Dr Taubman in Garden Grove. I have been seeing him for 15 years. I have spent thousands of dollars on glasses getting a new quality pair once a year. He told me yesterday that he was very impressed by the work I had done on my eyes. He said “she did a great job, she did not over cut nor did she undercut”. He asked me how I met her. This was it, YELP.

I was going to get Lasik about 10 years ago but with time available and our new children that was put on hold. I truly wish I did it earlier. I’m 43 yrs old now. My kids are crazy active. Playing football, soccer, baseball or tether ball something hits my face every day. No glasses are great now! I say if you are anywhere between 23 to 83 you should still get it. Age should not be a factor.

And this is the place to get it: LASIK CENTER MEDICAL GROUP with Dr. ALEXANDRA CHEBIL!!!

Thank you, Jeff K.

Cheri H.

Dr. Chebil and her staff, Jennifer and Marcia, are just plain cool! They always make you feel at home and welcome when you come to their office. Dr. Chebil performed my Lasik surgery years ago without any complications, smooth road all of the way. But what I want people to also know is how very good Dr. Chebil is at cosmetic fillers and Botox. OMG, I called with very little notice the other day but they squeezed me into their schedule. Feeling down, looking tired, needing a “lift” and wanted Botox in my forehead and the sides of my eyes. I pointed out my concerns and where I needed some extra help and within a few minutes I was done. Virtually painless (and no pain killer cream needed) and best of all, no BRUISING. Just days later I look fantastic and can’t believe the difference. I am elated with her work, it’s affordable and she’s the best.

Kenneth H.

So I made a Yelp account just for this. You want a story? Have yourself a seat, you got a story. A couple of my friends recommended this place to me and I was on the fence about getting Lasik for quite a while. Both got PRK from this very office.

First thing I noticed was that VSP (my vision insurance) was not listed on their website. So I shopped around elsewhere. Most all of the other Lasik places contract out for external surgery centers. Not here. Bummed with what I was seeing elsewhere, I figured I might as well call in to see if, in the off chance, VSP was accepted. Turns out, it is. So all in all, a good job to me.

This place is pretty much what I expected. Very professional, clean, and the people there are super friendly. When I go in for checkups, they remember me by first name without having to look up my information. Shoot, I don’t even remember some of my co-worker’s names. Everyone answered my questions and put me very much at ease during the whole process. All the information was clearly presented to me during the consultation, as well as during the surgery itself.

It’s been a few days since I got the Lasik operation (got it on Friday the 13th… I know, I know… I too, like to live dangerously), and my right eye is perfect, my left eye is a little blurry, but improving day by day. You know how they say that the majority of people give voice to complaints, but keep quiet about praise? Not so in this case.

5 out of 5, would laser my eyeballs again. If I needed to. Which I don’t. Because this place was awesome to me.

Jarrod F.

I was referred to Dr Chebil by a friend of mine and patient of Dr Chebil for LASIK. I went in for my complimentary consultation which went well and I booked by surgery. I went in on the day of my surgery, filled out my paperwork, took my Xanax and off with Dr Chebil for my surgery. It was a little uncomfortable having my eyes open for the procedure, but there was no pain and Dr Chebil explained everything she was doing and before I knew it, the procedure was over. Before the procedure my eye sight was -4.25 in both eyes and I couldn’t even make out the large E on the eye chart. Right after surgery I could clearly read the third line on the chart. My eyes were a little blurry for just over a week and one took a little longer to clear up than the other. I used my prescription drops and rewetting drops and after my 2 week follow up, my sight was clear and I was reading 20/15!! I still use the rewetting drops when I have a little blurriness from time to time, but I was told that was due to dry eye which is part of the healing process and is continuing to get better with each day. I have some slight halo’s and starbursts around bright lights at night, but I understand from everyone I’ve talked to including Dr Chebil that this is normal and continues to get better each day. As many of my friends and family have said after their LASIK, this is the best thing I’ve ever done and I want to thank Dr Chebil for her time and expertise and the staff for their caring approach and support.

Diosa W. (RN)

I had finally decided to look into Lasik surgery, but I definitely had my doubts. When I met Dr. Chebil for my consultation, she provided all the surgery information up front. She walked me through the proceedures, and the pros and cons. She laid all my worries to rest, and I felt comfortable with her and her staff right away. The office is great, and the staff is super nice. The costs were very reasonable, and I had no problem scheduling any of my appointments. They provided as many eyedrops as you need or ask for. They even provided all the follow up exams at no cost to me…even 1 year later, they had me come in to ensure my eyes were still doing well – AND THEY ARE!!! My vision is now 20/15, and better than ever. The surgery went better than well, and when I woke up the next morning, I could see clearer than I ever could. Best decision I ever made. The only downside would be that there does tend to be a little bit of a wait for most of your apportments, but then again I don’t think I’ve ever gone to any doctor/ dentist/ specialist that hasn’t made me wait for the appointment, so I’m not going to hold that against them. Furthermore, I’ve referred 3 different coworkers to have their Lasik surgery done, and all of them had great experiences also! All in all, 5 STARS for Dr. Chebil!!!

Jared E. (TV Host)


From the moment I went into this location i was welcomed with a smile. The woman who greeted me, Jennifer I believe her name is, was a total doll to me. The staff was extremely accomidating and to my suprise they offer other amazing services as well (already scheduled). My vision was not too horrible, however i had major trouble seeing in the evening. This would cause me to miss a turn at a street or even miss the opening of a shopping mall that had the restaurant located in it. Needless to say i made a lot of “U-turns”. I decided to go with the surgery only because the Doctor, Dr. Chebil, made me feel completely comfortable and safe. I have a thing about being cut open. Anyway, i couldn’t be happier with the results. I no longer have to wear glasses at night, when i did remember to bring them, and now i am saving a lot more gas not constantly turning my car around due to not being able to see. Also, should you go and visit, take advantage of their financing plans. They made it really easy and affordable for me to be able to get this surgery. Not to mention the other services they do, Fillers and botox (AMAZING!). I shall be a customer for life.

Mark B. (Lawyer)

Dr. Chebil and her team are very professional and eager to please. Prior to undergoing the Lasik procedure, my vision was terrible. Without corrective lenses my vision was limited at best. That has all changed now thanks to Dr. Chebil. The procedure was easy and painless. Dr. Chebil took every opportunity to ensure that I was comfortable and took me step by step through the process so that I wasn’t wondering what to expect next. The best part of the experience for me was being raised up from the procedure table and being asked “what letters can you see now?” to which I replied “All of them!” It was an exciting moment for me having been dependent on glasses or contacts since age 13. I am very pleased with my results. My vision continues to get better as time progresses. I will certainly refer my friends and family to this office for Lasik care and treatment. Thank you!!

Tony H. (Firefighter)

We found Dr. Chebil and The LASIK Center Medical Group through our insurance eye care plan. From the moment we entered the office we felt welcomed and valued. They explained everything thoroughly and even squeezed me in for an exam despite our visit being for my wife. We scheduled her appointment for seven days later and she just received her 24 hour check-up; 20/20 vision and getting better! We can’t say enough about the team at LA LASIK. If you’re thinking about getting your vision corrected; LA LASIK is the only place to look!

Wendy H. (Makeup Artist)
Wore glasses or contacts daily could not see distance without them. Night vision was always blurry. My experience with Dr.Chebil was the best medical experiences all the way around from the staff to the procedure to follow-up. Best decision I ever made to visit this office and have procedure.

Daniel S. (Graduate Student)
My vision was 20/200, now my vision is 20/15 within 24 hours after having Lasik Eye with Dr. Alexandra Chebil . Such nice staff, very caring.

Karen M. (Director for human resources)
I’ve been really happy with my experience. Both my aunt and I went here and we now have 20/20. I think it’s worth noting that two of the 1 star reviews are yelp friends — not judging, just pointing it out. Also, if you look at the filtered review, you will find they are almost all positive. I freaked out right before my surgery when I saw this review, but I’ve been really happy with the results. I haven’t used eye drops in a couple of weeks, and I’ve been fine. Worked for me! 🙂

Tiffany A. (Teacher )
I got the PRK eye surgery done here with Dr. Chebil last summer. I almost blind without my glasses and could see immediately after my surgery. Dr. Chebil and her staff are all very sweet and they all made me feel comfortable during the surgery and it was painless. I recommend you go see Dr. Chebil if you are thinking about doing the PRK eye surgery. You won’t regret it.

Casey R. (Hairstylist/Esthetician)
I was practically BLIND! I CAN SEE NOW !!!! AMAZING!!! The office and staff is just wonderful. I’m recommending to all my family and friends.

Jessica A. (RN)

My vision before my PRK was very poor. I was very nervous coming in- Thank you to Dr.Alexandra and staff for explaining everything to me. Dr and staff are excellent! My vision is now 20/15 🙂

Arica T. (Artist )

I got the living social deal from Dr. Chebil…I was pretty nervous because I am an artist and my vision is the most important thing to me, but after research I felt a bit more comfortable. The day of the procedure the staff was very warm, welcoming, and professional. I was given detailed instructions for after my surgery to take care of my eyes as they healed. I have 20/15 vision now! I could not be happier. My eyes are a little dry but Chebil gives me free eyedrops every time I visit. Highly reccomended! She even said she would fix my boyfriend’s vision for he living social price. Its wonderful to never have to wear contacts again.

Taryn L. (Professional Ballroom Dancer)


Not many people have a good hand when injecting botox. Dr. Alexandra has a great hand and I felt no pain. Thanks Dr. Alexandra. Will be going back soon.

Julie T. (Homemaker)


I was very nearsighted before my lasik , my vision now is 20/15. The staff are very kind and professional. I most liked that the staff has been here for a number of years. It’s comforting to come in a few years after my husband’s procedure and see the same people. Dr.Chebil I felt she was very competent and experienced. That in particular made me feel relaxed.

Jess S. (Dental Sales)
I saw the living social deal with Dr. Chebil and of coarse was skeptical… I’d already gotten a quote double the amount from a well known Newport Beach office and was awaiting my consult 2 weeks away. I decided to just call Dr. Chebil’s office and find out if I could get my money back, seeing how I didn’t even know if I was a good candidate for lasik. Better than getting a refund, I found out I could get the consult the next day before purchasing anything. Overnight I looked for reviews (seems like negatives don’t have much to do with lasik) & tried to do my homework about the procedure. The office is in Newport Beach, easy to find & the office validates parking ticket… I found out in under 30 minutes I am a good candidate and smart phone in hand – I bought the deal. I had to wait 2 weeks due to contact lens wear the day before, but scheduling the procedure was as easy as picking a day and time. I had my lasik 4 days ago and I have never seen better. I was completely nervous – but Dr. Chebil talks you through the whole procedure (while it is “painless” its still weird to have your eyes messed with – but stubbing your toe is worse than this…). I literally fell asleep on the ride home, napped through the afternoon and by evening I was up and seeing perfect. Post op day 1 check – 20/15… awesome. Oh and she does all the post procedure checks herself, doesn’t refer you back to your optometrist. Bottom line, I just paid half of what my BF did for the same results… I’m pretty stoked 😉

Javier N. (Collector)
I was almost legally blind. After the procedure I can now see as well as I did with my glasses. The office staff was friendly, very calming attitudes and professionalism.

Sonja Bethune (Professor)
The staff were extremely friendly and there was no real pressure to schedule the surgery after the free consultation. Overall I had a great experience with both the staff and Dr. Chebil. When I first visited the office in December, there was no waiting time and I was seen almost immediately (after completing the appropriate paperwork). I first had to go through some tests to make sure that I was a good candidate for the procedure with one of the assistants. Then I met with Dr. Chabil who went through the normal optometry tests to see what my current vision was. She was quite pleasant and knowledgeable (willing to answer any questions I had). On the day of the procedure, Dr. Chabil was able to alleviate any anxiety by telling me exactly what she was doing in the exact moment. She would even count out loud when the laser was doing it’s job since I believe it was only 30 seconds per eye. The only uncomfortable part was when the doctor had to create the flap on my eye. Other than that I believe it’s a miracle given that I have lived most of my life having to wear glasses and contacts. I am even able to see things that my husband can’t see such as when watching TV. I’m now 20/15 vision.

Daniella F. (Legal Assistant)
My vision before surgery was AWFUL! Now my vision after Lasik is PERFECT!!!!! Dr.Chebil you did an amazing job and thank you so much for everything. Marsha and Jennifer – you guys are awesome and did an amazing job making me feel so comfortable – you make a great team! Keep doing what you’re doing…..

Steve V (Lawyer)
I had very poor vision before Lasik. Now my vison is perfect. Thank you to Dr. Alexandra and Staff for being so kind.

Lennae K. (Dental Sales)
I felt Blind before I had my vision corrected with Dr.Chebil. Being -7.00 I was Blind! Now my vision after Lasik is AMAZING! I could instantly read the eye chart to # 6 line before I couldn’t even see the large E. Best Dr experience ever! I will tell all family and friends even YELP!! The Staff is very patient , helpful , explained in detail . Quick visits, no waiting time. Amazing Experience!!!

Aaron G. (Sales)
Amazing Service,short wait,and very knowledgable staff. They made me feel very comfortable while having my surgery.

John C. (Teacher)
I had a simple recovery and reading vision is doing great. Very nice staff.

Julius S. (Service Writer)
Very happy with my vision. The procedure was very quick and no down time. It was done professionally by Dr. Chebil.

Mounia D. (Nurse)
I had custom lasik on my eyes. The procedure was very easy and smooth. Dr.Chebil and staff were very professional.

Lynda B. (Legal Secretary)
Dr. Chebil and staff are highly professional and wonderful to work with. I would highly recommend this office for Lasik. It was pain free and Dr. Chebil and staff made the experience stress-free. My only complaint is that I didn’t have it done sooner. A couple of weeks ago I couldn’t see my hand in front of me, now I am 20/15! Thank you Dr.

Sophie N. (Executive Admin)
The Doctor and her staff were beyond magnificent.

Dale P. (Executive Admin)
Dr.Chebil was excellent and timely. The staff was helpful, and care was provided from start to finish.

Kevin M. (Chiropractic)
Jennifer was great on the phone answering all my questions before my exam. Marsha was amazing going through all the exam and prep. During the procedure Dr.Chebil was so calming and helped me to relax while she worked . The whole experience was perfect.

Dawien H. (Student)
I was very comfortable throughout the process and never felt rushed. My well being was always placed first and my concerns addressed

Greg S. (Teacher)
Dr.Chebil is very kind and the results are great. The staff is very friendly and helpful.

Maria C. (Broker)
Everyone was friendly. Marsha made me feel comfortable and at ease so I wasn’t nervous with the procedure. Vision is doing wonderful.

Paulina Vo (Homemaker)
Great experience,friendly professional staff.

Geneva B. (Student)
Dr.Chebil was very welcoming and explained the process in detail. During the procedure,she kept me informed on everything. Dr.Chebil and staff made me feel very safe, I was in extremely good hands…

Kanako K. (Executive Admin)
Very professional and clean office. Dr and staff are friendly and very well trained. They answered all the questions I had taking time until I was satisfied. I was able to fix my eye sight in very short period of time.

Ruben S. (Police)
It was a great experience. I love my new eyes. Great staff to work with.

Rebecca (College Counselor)
I have been meaning to post this forever. I had LASIK surgery a year ago and it was the best decision I have ever made. I had terrible vision and wore glasses and contacts since I was a child. I was terrified of the procedure so it took me until my late 30s to commit. The procedure itself was fine and painless. The first month was a little wonky with cloudy vision, trouble focusing, and floaters (all mild), but after that it has been smooth sailing. My vision is 20/20 and there is such freedom in not wearing contacts any more. Travel is easier and my bed time routine is shorter. I can’t recommend it more, especially for those who have been putting it off. Thank you Dr. Chebil, you literally changed my life.

Gerald L (Sheriff)
I only trust one Doctor with Botox and that is Dr.Chebil. I come in once a year and get treated with Botox for severe underarm sweating. I have nothing but great praise about this office.

Tom M. (Sheriff)
Lasik in both eyes.Both eyes went from -7.00 to 20/15 vision. The office staff is amazing. I would give them 5 gold star 🙂 Dr.Chebil made me feel comfortable and the outcome had been better than I could have ever imagined,with both the lasik and my botox procedures.

Kimberly S. (marriage and family therapist)
Her Staff, Jennifer and Marsha are great! They worked with my schedule. My surgery was on a Saturday, when I walked in Jennifer was so kind and welcoming. Dr.Chebil is so friendly and kind, she is patient in answering my questions and making me feel relaxed and safe during the procedure.

Kimerly H. (Student)
Dr.Chebil takes her time with each patient explains the procedure. She talks you through the procedure. Very patient and understanding. Her staff is incredible.

Hanan T. (Executive Admin)
Lasik, Botox and Radiesse… All Great!! Dr.Chebil and office staff are helpful and professional.

Nicole R. (Student)
Overall great experience.Very Friendly Staff. I am The “Biggest Baby” and I survived.

Pam C. (Realtor)
I’m sorry that I waited so long to do this procedure. A good friend of mine who was very happy with her surgery told me to come in. Results were immediate and no down time from my job.

Candi B. (Executive Admin)
Dr.Chebil was great!She explained everything involved in procedure and follow u. Great Staff and office. Would definitely recommend.

Mark S. (Medical Doctor)
They explained things very well. Everything went as planned and I ended up with 20/15 vision.

Mick L. (Full time Student)
It was a perfect procedure every step of the way. I would and have recommended this Doctor and procedure to my friends.

Renee S. (Hypnotheropist)
My Lasik was for myopia and astigmatism.It was very easy and short.I felt good. Everyone in the office is nice and professional.

Robbin H. (CPA)
I used them for Botox treatment and filler, Radiesse. Dr.Chebil and her staff have hosted an event offering Botox and filler treatment. The atmosphere in the office is both comforting and professional. It was a true delight.

Robert H. (IT Mgr)
Great experience with the staff from start to finish. I was nervous early on and my poor vision and clunky glasses led me to do my research on Dr.Chebil. Dr.Chebil was a great choice and worth every penny and the time.

Mitch N. (Sales)
It’s been one year now that I got my lasik done and finished all my followup appointments. I can see everything and have no regrets doing it. Dr. Chebil and the staff were great. The procedure was painless and I would recommend the service to my family and friends.

Doctor Comments
Thanks for taking the time to post a review of the Lasik Center Medical Group. We look forward to taking good care of you and your friends in the future. Kind regards, Alexandra Chebil, M.D.

Gary Radzat (Consultant)
While not completely finished with my recovery, the process was extremely simple, pain-free and comfortable. Having had Lakik more than 7 years ago, I was concerned that my surgery would be problem…but it was not at all. This morning, after my first night, I woke up and added some eye-drops and felt absolutely nothing. My vision is not yet 100% but I can already see improvement!

Karl Lloyd (Sales Mgr)
My vision before my surgery was very blurry. The staff made me feel very comfortable. My vison now is very clear . I can read the newspaper without glasses. Looking forward to going snowboarding over the holiday season and not have to worry about my contacts falling out.

Angela L. (Teacher)
My vision results thus far are excellent! I couldn’t be happier! My cousin is interested in Lasik in the future. I have mentioned how wonderful you and your staff have been as well as the amazing results that I have had with the procedure. I was scared at first, but felt reassured. Thank you so much for the birthday wishes and being an excellent mentor, surgeon, doctor and inspiration. I will continue to spread the word as so many are restricted by glasses and contacts! Dr. Chebil, I am so glad I went through with it!

Boris S. (Computers Eng.)
I have had glasses for almost 22 years and cannot see anything without them. Even after few hours after my procedure I could see everything clear enough. It was one amazing experience. Dr.Chebil’s skills are incredible. Her staff are the best, knowledgeable, and very caring.

Jutta M (Nurse)
I was unable to see without glasses. My vision now after lasik is amazing and wonderful. I can see better now than with glasses. Dr.Chebil gave me a life changing experience that I’am so grateful for. I can enjoy going outside to workout ,swim etc and not have to worry about wearing glasses. The staff is very friendly , kind and caring. Thank you to all for everything!

David C. (N/A)
I needed glasses for pretty much everything! Now my vision is perfect and I can see everything all the time since having Lasik Eye Surgery with Dr.Chebil. The staff is very professional and confident. They relaxed my tension. I had a quick recovery, and an excellent operation. The office is very relaxing and inviting.

Veronica M. (Pharmacy Tech)
My vision before my lasik was very bad. My vision is great now after my lasik. I wish I would of done this years ago. The staff and Dr.Chebil are very nice.

Noga H. (Marketing Manager)
I wore contacts daily to correct for nearsightedness in both eyes. Without correction I couldn’t make out street signs or tv channels. It has only been a few days and my vision is 20/15!! Better than perfect , I never knew the world was so detailed! Dr.Chebil and her staff are amazing to work with. It is such a pleasure to deal with people who take the time to walk you through each step to ensure your are comfortable. The patience and bedside manor are truly above and beyond todays norm. Wish all medical facilities were as nice to work with.

Arica H. (Design/Animation)
Vision is great! Everything went very smoothly. The procedure itself was as easy it could be. Dr.Chebil guided me through! Teddy Bear was a nice touch 🙂

Keenan (IT Support/Help Desk)
My vision before LASIK was 20/200 horrible, contacts hurt because they were so thick. Now my vision is 20/15 better then perfect. My experience at Lasik Center Medical Group was very good and comfortable. Technology all seemed top notch, very comfortable waiting areas.

Kimchi N. (Tech Specialist)
I been wearing glasses for more then 30 years and lately I have to wear Bifocals. I felt dizzy all the time. Now after my procedure I’m able to see the signs on the freeway, watch TV and read the news paper without glasses. It’s wonderful!

Rosei G. (Computer Teacher)
Yipe I can see! Amazed especially with my distance vision. My experience with Dr.Chebil and her staff was great. I wish I didn’t wait so long to have the procedure done.

Travis H. (Custody Assistant)
Thank you to Dr.Chebil for fixing my eyes. I couldn’t see anything far away,now my vision is so clear. Everything is bright and clear and I can see at a distance better than 20/20. Everyone in your office was very polite. The procedure was quick and everyone did everything they could to help me. I felt so comfortable.

Chrisara Mayo (RN)
A few months back I was told I was contact lens intolerant (after wearing them for well over 10 years) and I could never wear my contacts again! I was stuck in glasses and could not take it. I had been exploring the Lasik procedure with another practitioner who was quoting an insanely high price for the procedure and all the pre-procedure testing took close to 2 months! I found out about Dr. Chebil and called immediately! I was in the office within a day or two and had the procedure the very next week. The staff was professional, convenient and welcoming. Dr. Chebil explained the procedure out every step of the way, even going so far as to check up on me the night of my procedure! I felt comforted in having her number and her following up on me that first night. I woke up the next morning and was able to see, for the first time in 15 years! I am so happy and have already recommended Dr. Chebil to my friends, family, and co-workers. Thank you Dr. Chebil and staff!

Daniel Cubbedge (Student/Vocalist)
have worn glasses since I was 3 and am now 30. My best friend of 17 years has worn them since she was a preteen. We both decided to take advantage of the Living Social deal in which we received a wonderful price for both our procedures. I am a scientist by nature and studying to become a research nurse. Dr. Chebil took extra time to explain each one of her tests (pre-surgery) their purpose and helped me to understand their results. Not all practitioners do this. She also made herself available to send emails about addition non-traditional questions regarding my treatment; such as eye physiology and microbiological responses to the procedure etc… Honestly, what Dr. does that. All potential risks of complications were made very clear through the 9 pages of forms you have to read and sign and initial and write written responses to prior to procedures. This makes all potential outcomes clear to a perspective patient. The staff were amazing. They made every attempt to ensure the experience was positive and as relaxing as possible. Heck, they even gave me a teddy bear to cuddle during the procedure in case I got a little to anxious. I would recommend this office to anyone who is looking to have Lasik, Lasek, or PRK. All in all I am amazed, happy, and would highly recommend this office. Thanks again to all who made my experience AMAZING!!!!!

Dr. Chebil is THE BEST!!!
julies, Laguna Niguel, California
Dr. Chebil is THE BEST!!! After having a bad experience with one doctor a few years ago, of course I was
extremely apprehensive to do this again, but this time Dr. Chebil gave me monovision how it’s supposed to be done. The last doctor said he would do monovision, he did not do the test prior to see if I was a good candidate, he got extremely frustrated while trying to fit some kind of suction cup over my eye, so that the flap could be cut (Dr. Chebil did not use this technic at all, hers is much better) Then after, I felt something was not right, my vision was just weird, I kept going back to him, and all he kept telling me was that I have dry eyes, and to give it time!!!! I gave it months at a time, and he made me feel like I was just making a big fuss over nothing, and I am NOT one who complains easily!! Until finally I decided to get a second opinion.

My sis in law had Dr. Chebil perform lasik on her, and was VERY happy. So I went for a consultation. Her staff are absolutely FABULOUS!!! Marsha and Jennifer are so courteous and helpful, and bend over backwards to make you comfortable. Then I met Dr. Chebil, she was so gracious and understanding and convinced me she would take good care of me, and she did! She fixed my left eye for me, but I decided not have monovision at that time. She explains what she’s doing while working the laser, and it was sooooo quick! While she was doing the procedure she told me she saw some kind of lines or ridges on my eye (Probably caused by the other doctor) and no wonder I was having problems with my vision. She took care of that for me. This whole experience was a few years ago.

Within the last year or so my close up has gotten worse, and I need to see close up as I am a DJ and use a laptop, so Dr. Chebil just performed monovision on me, how it should be done!!! My husband and myself see Dr. Chebil once a year for an eye check up. We have a nickname for her “Dr. Glam”!!!!! Because she is!!! Thank you so much Dr. Chebil and staff!!!!!

This was the best decision I have ever made.
keong, Fresno, California
This was the best decision I have ever made in my life. After using eyeglasses and contact lens for over 20 years and know can see without the two is great. Thank you Dr. Chebil. Jennifer, Marsha, and you Dr. make a wonderful team. Thank you again. I will be recommending family, friends, and coworkers who are considering having this done.

It was excellent, I absolutely Dr. Alexandra.
It was excellent, I absolutely loved Dr. Alexandra and I look forward to coming back in the future! My appointment was quick and accurate which is perfect for my busy schedule. Thank you so much!

Great LASIK experience with the best pricing around!
jennyw, , California
Great results, Dr Chebil is a wonderful doctor. Highly recommended.

Highly Recommend!
dianen, AV, California
I always have the very best experience w every appointment I attend. The ladies who work there are Fun, Personal and Professional. Dr. Chebil makes me feel comfortable at all times. I highly recommend her services.

5 Stars
ginaf, , California
Great Experience 5 stars across the board

Christann C. from San Diego

Holy eff. After my eyes stopped burning(post op), and I woke up in a diff bed than I fell asleep in and don’t remember moving(in my own room since I sleep in one and use one as a couch for my TV). I have 20/20. This is so weird but AMAZING. Dr. Alexandra C. Chebil and Jennifer Bress, the patient coordinator were amazing.

I was so scared for the procedure, but they calmed me down and helped me relax. It took about 1.5 minutes per eye with cutting the flap and the laser. I could see right after, but things were a bit BLURRY. I’m almost a -6 in each eye, so being able to see was already amazing. The procedure itself did not hurt. What I liked least was the tool that help my eye open, but that wasn’t too bad either.

I am so glad my brother referred me to this place. I am still amazing that I can see, and I only had the procedure 6 hours ago 🙂

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