The Pros and Cons of LASIK

The Pros and Cons of LASIK

LASIK has changed millions of lives for the better since its FDA approval in 1999. However, the idea of a laser going into your eye or slicing into your cornea is a cause for concern for some people and rightfully so. So if the success stories aren’t enough to convince you or you just want to weigh both sides of the equation, consider these pros and cons of LASIK.

Pro #1: Quick

One of the top reasons to consider LASIK is that it’s quick and safe. In fact, you might spend more time in the waiting room than you will in the operating room. Numbing drops keep you from feeling a thing, the procedure lasts 20 minutes, and you’re out the door in about an hour or two.

Pro #2: No More Contacts or Eyeglasses

Contacts and eyeglasses are necessary for many people to see, but they obviously have their drawbacks. Forgetting to take your contacts out when you fall asleep can lead to eye infections, while eyeglasses can prevent you from doing contact sports, swimming, or other activities.

But with LASIK, you’re likely to get 20/20 vision. With eagle-like eyesight, you can put your corrective lenses aside and also save money on buying more contacts or new glasses.

Pro #3: Swift Rehab Time

LASIK is minimally invasive, so it also has a quick rehab time. After the surgery, you can usually go back to your normal routine minus contact sports in about 24 to 48 hours. The eyes themselves take a bit longer to heal, but you’ll be 99% in a few days and 100% in three to six months.

Con #1: Possible Halos and Glare

Although rare, some people may have complications from LASIK. The most common complication is halos and glare, especially from lights during nighttime. However, many times these are only temporary side effects, and you should have perfect vision after a few months.

Con #2: You May Need a Second Procedure

If you have a strong prescription, LASIK may temporarily give you 20/20 vision. That said, some patients suffer from myopic regression, where the eye returns to its original poor vision. In this case, you may have to get a second LASIK surgery to correct the issue. Again, this is extremely rare.

Con #3: You May Not Be Eligible

Unfortunately, not everyone is eligible for LASIK. Those older than 40 who suffer from presbyopia — or elasticity of the eye — are the most typical patients not eligible. However, you may have another condition that denies your eligibility, including:

  • Extreme corneal thickness
  • Other underlying health concerns
  • Unresolved vision problems such as glaucoma or cataracts
  • Wildly unstable vision that fluctuates frequently

More Pros Than Cons? Schedule a Consultation Today

If you’ve weighed the pros and cons and find more benefits than disadvantages, the next step is to meet with Dr. Alexandra Chebil at the Orange County Lasik Center Medical Group.  By scheduling a consultation ahead of time, you can make sure that you’re a viable candidate for the procedure, ask any questions, and get a good feel for LASIK as a whole.

What differentiates are office from the many Lasik centers and one of the main contributors to our success is because it’s a one doctor practice.  You will see Dr. Alexandra Chebil herself from the first visit to long after your procedure is done.  This level of personalized care makes a big difference in the long run and something our over 70,000 patients to date extremely appreciate.

So don’t wait! Schedule an appointment today and make poor vision a thing of the past.