When is the Best Season to Get Lasik?

When is the Best Season to Get Lasik?

Certain times of the year are conducive to certain activities, such as skiing in the winter or swimming in the summer. However, many of these activities just aren’t the same without crystal-clear vision. That’s why you may want to consider LASIK surgery this fall. While you’re getting back into the swing of back-to-school season or taking a break from a hectic summer, fall provides the perfect time to undergo LASIK and get ready for the months and seasons ahead.

Back-to-School Season

Fall is when college students head back to campus and prepare for a successful academic year. But whether you go to a small college with 20-student classrooms or large state universities with 300-plus students in each class, vision is still integral to success.

That’s why you may want to consider LASIK during this time. With a short recuperation time of only 48 hours to a week, you can get back into the classroom with minimal downtime and excel at your scholarly pursuits. If you’re a parent, giving the gift of LASIK to your child will at least eliminate one excuse if your child isn’t performing at the level you want.

Ramping Up for Winter Sports

Whether you love hitting the slopes or heading out on a snowmobile, winter sports bring quite a rush. But without proper vision, they’re not only less enjoyable but also dangerous.

If you’re an avid outdoorsman, LASIK is a viable option, especially compared to wearing contacts or eyeglasses. You’ll enjoy winter even better, and you’ll also be able to enjoy everything that fall brings, such as jumping in a pile of leaves or hopping into a pickup football game.

Dr. Alexandra Chebil is an Athlete vision specialist and she has helped many pro athletes achieve 20/20 vision without glasses or contact lenses.

Enjoying the Holiday Season

If you want to give yourself a gift that keeps on giving before the holiday rush, LASIK is perhaps the best option you can make. Instead of worrying about taking your contacts out before bed and popping them back in, you can seize the day or spend it with friends or family without the extra eyecare.

And if you love to travel, think about how great your airline experience would be without eyeglasses. You won’t have to worry about a mask fogging up your lenses in the terminal or your contacts drying out if you fall asleep on the plane.

Giving Yourself Time to Recuperate

Fall might also be the best time to undergo LASIK simply because of the weather during the season. Before and after you get LASIK, your eyes can be sensitive to various elements, but there’s no sense in exacerbating the problem.

LASIK surgery in the fall avoids the complications associated with spring allergies, dry winter air, or activities you might love to do in the summer.

Why Fall Is the Best Time to Get LASIK

With all of the benefits listed above, getting LASIK during the fall is a smart solution to your vision problems. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Alexandra Chebil in Newport Beach CA to see if you’re a good candidate. In just days, you’ll see the season and the world in a whole new light.