Why Get Lasik in the Summer?

Why Get Lasik in the Summer?

If you’ve ever considered undergoing LASIK surgery but you can’t decide on the right time, summer could be when you finally pull the trigger. With travel and outdoor activities at their height, having one less thing to worry about can make this summer one to remember. Learn why summer is the best time to get LASIK.

Swimming without the need for glasses and contacts

Going on a snorkeling tour or lounging around in the pool is what summer is all about. Yet if you’re one of the 75% of American adults that wear contacts or eyeglasses, enjoying the pool or the ocean isn’t always easy. Fitting a snorkeling mask over your glasses is almost impossible and opening your eyes underwater while you’re wearing contacts can lead to irritation or more severe complications.


And that’s why you should get LASIK this summer. With excellent vision and no need for contacts or glasses, you can enjoy a dip in the water without all of the other hindrances.

Participate in athletic sports and activities outdoors without glasses and contacts

If you prefer sports other than swimming or you’re more of a land-dweller, getting LASIK in the summer just makes sense. While golfing with glasses or contacts isn’t all that bad, playing competitive team sports or even tennis isn’t nearly as easy. Sweat can drip onto your lenses or contacts, affecting your performance or causing a nonstop annoyance.


With LASIK, you don’t have to worry about wiping the sweat off your glasses or feel the burn of it on your contacts. Plus, you’ll see a noticeable difference in how much easier it is to hit a softball or shoot a three-pointer. Your opponents will definitely recognize how much better you’ve become seemingly overnight.

Enjoying Travel

Like many Americans, you’re probably ready to break free of COVID restrictions and visit the places on your bucket list. While you still have to be wary of COVID, you can remove the hassles of contacts and glasses. If you’ve ever tried to sleep on a plane, contacts and eyeglasses can result in an unpleasant travel experience. Furthermore, you won’t have to carry contact solution, a glasses case, or any other accessories in your carry-on.


The result is a hassle-free vacation that can give you the rest and relaxation you’ve been wanting, no matter where you go or what you do.

Fewer Reactions to Allergies

Contact wearers know how brutal the spring and summer can be for allergies. Pollen and other allergens love to stick to your contacts, causing you to constantly rub your eyes. When you’re doing this constantly, going outdoors doesn’t sound nearly as fun. To some degree, you almost become a hermit as you check out the daily air quality and allergy report.


But with summer LASIK, you can say goodbye to these problems. You’ll have no more rubbing, irritation, or itchiness. Instead, you can see in crystal-clear clarity every time you’re outdoors.


At our Orange County private Lasik practice, you will receive personalized care like no other.  Dr. Alexandra Chebil has performed over 70,000 procedures in an anxiety-free one-on-one setting.  She is involved with each patient from the first consultation to long after the treatment is done.  This level of care has earned her the respect of patients and colleagues alike throughout California.

Don’t Wait; Get LASIK This Summer

With all of the upside of getting LASIK this summer, now is the time to get serious. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Alexandra Chebil and take the first steps toward making this summer the best (and clearest) season you’ve had in years.