Why Spring Is the Best Time of the Year to Consider LASIK

Why Spring Is the Best Time of the Year to Consider LASIK

If you’re on the fence about LASIK, you probably keep putting it off time and time again. Or maybe you want to get LASIK, but you’re always busy. If either of these describes you, take note: spring just might be the best time of the year to consider LASIK. Read on to find out why the season of rebirth is the best possible time for you to improve your vision.

Making Your Travel Plans a Bit More Fun

While some people wait until summer to travel, spring offers lower airfares, cheaper activities, and affordable hotel rooms. If you’ve never considered traveling during the spring, these should entice you.

However, having to wear contacts and eyeglasses during your trip isn’t always conducive to a fun time. For example, contacts and eyeglasses are a hindrance to water sports, scuba diving, and even snorkeling. Or even going sightseeing can get derailed if you lose a contact or accidentally break your glasses.

Getting LASIK done can alleviate these problems and ensure you can do the activities you want when you travel without having to worry.

With over 70,000 procedures performed by Dr. Alexandra Chebil, patients have shared many stories about their life post Lasik.  There is much to discover and we want to help you do it without glasses or contact lenses.

Getting Outdoors

After a long winter and COVID lockdowns, you’re probably champing at the bit to go outside. And with the sun shining and warmer temperatures, spring affords the opportunity. But if you have contacts or glasses, it isn’t as exciting as it should be.

With corrective lenses, you can’t play pickup sports to the best of your abilities, nor can you enjoy the views of the outdoors when you’re hiking, fishing, or doing another outdoor activity.

By getting LASIK during spring, you can enjoy sports and outdoor activities,

Cutting Down on the Effects of Allergies

While spring brings beauty to the outdoors, it also brings allergies with it. Around 20% of the adult population suffers from allergies, underscoring the problem and severity of allergies to a large portion of people.

However, LASIK can actually cut down on the effects of allergies. Contacts actually cause allergy symptoms to worsen, and when you’re sneezing or wiping your eyes, you risk losing a contact while you’re outside. If you wear glasses, you still have to remove them to wipe your eyes or towel off after a sneeze.

With LASIK, these become experiences of the past. Research has shown that LASIK can lessen the symptoms experienced by those who wear contacts or glasses. In addition to reducing your exposure to allergies whenever possible, getting a LASIK procedure is the next step toward enjoying your time outdoors during the spring. By scheduling LASIK, you can get outdoors without having to worry about all of the symptoms associated with allergies.

Lasik Consultation

You can feel at ease choosing Dr. Alexandra Chebil in Newport Beach.  She travels nationwide and helps patients with the most complex vision correction needs.  In her private Orange County Lasik practice, she provides anxiety-free personalized care which means you will deal with her from the first visit to long after your procedure is done.