4 Environmental Benefits of LASIK for Earth Day

Earth Day doesn’t usually elicit ideas of getting LASIK, but you might be surprised to learn that this revolutionary eye surgery is also eco-friendly. When you get LASIK, you’re not only improving your quality of life, but also the world around you. This Earth Day, find out how LASIK creates a better planet and significantly increases your quality of life.


1. Reduction of Harmful Chemicals 


Manufacturers use numerous chemicals when creating contact lenses, eye solutions, and glasses. Though not all of these are inherently harmful, some of the byproducts of manufacturing are chemicals that can potentially harm the environment. In particular, the hydrogen peroxide found in contact lenses is essentially not biodegradable — problematic to say the least.


When you choose LASIK, you keep these harmful chemicals out of the air or ground, improving air quality and lessening the potential for groundwater contamination.


2. Less Waste


One of the biggest environmental benefits of LASIK is waste reduction. When you throw away your disposable contacts or old glasses in the trash, you’re contributing to landfills. According to studies, contact lenses flushed down the toilet — which is a poor way to dispose of contacts – accounts for 6 to 10 metric tons of wastewater in the United States alone. In addition, packaging and plastic usage create even more waste that can take up to 400 years to biodegrade.


LASIK eliminates the need for packaging and plastics without hindrances to your eyesight, creating a win-win scenario.


3. Save Water


Water is used in many processes and products associated with corrective eyewear. Contact solution, lens cleaners, and frame polishers all use water as a base, which could be better used elsewhere. You even use excess water when you wash your hands before removing or handling your contacts.


If you’re a candidate for LASIK, you eliminate this excessive water usage, which goes toward consumption, bathing, cooking, and better causes.


4. Lower Greenhouse Emissions 


Every manufacturing process requires energy. Glasses and contacts are no different. Every time a factory creates a pair of frames, lenses, or contacts, they have to use energy.


Some manufacturers may use renewable energy sources, but most connect to a grid that’s powered by oil or coal. The more energy the company uses to manufacture glasses and contacts, the more pollution that’s spewed into the air.


Shipping for glasses and contacts is also a concern. Every time that you order a box of contacts or a pair of frames, you’re paying for delivery. It takes money out of your pocket while also added to carbon emissions.


Dr. Alexandra Chebil has performed vision correction procedures in her private Newport Beach Lasik Center for multiple decades.  She is involved with the patient from the first visit to long after the treatment is done.  This level is care is appreciated by patients and available at her practice for all.


By eliminating the need for eye glasses and contacts, you effectively lower the amount of energy needed to produce them. The result is cleaner, more breathable air that doesn’t contribute to greenhouse gases.


Be Kind to Yourself 


Being kind to the planet is a novel act, but don’t leave yourself on the backburner. LASIK can drastically improve your quality of life, allowing you to enjoy life in crystal-clear vision. The ability to do something eco-friendly is just the icing on the cake.


Contact us today to find our if Lasik is right for you.  We provide financing and a complimentary consultation that will help you make an informed decision.