Lasik Treatment for Presbyopia

Our Lasik center in Newport Beach can help you with our lasik treatment for presbyopia. Lasik surgery to treat Presbyopia is a great option. Call (949) 251-0229 to find out if it’s right for you. Don’t let your close-up vision, or reading glasses get in the way of your lifestyle.

What is Presbyopia?

The clinical term “Presbyopia” simply means you’re gradually losing your ability to see or focus on things up close.

Since presbyopia is an age-related condition, the close vision continues to deteriorate. In spite of this, most patients will experience improved reading vision for many years.

Causes for presbyopia

It’s a natural deterioration that occurs due to age, the lens of the eye begins to lose elasticity causing presbyopia. Although the condition is common in patients age 40 and above, it can sometimes begin before or after the age of 40.

If you begin holding your cell phone or book at an arm’s distance to see clearly, you’ll want to schedule a basic eye exam which will confirm or deny presbyopia.


treatments for Presbyopia

There are various treatment options to consider, once Dr. Alexandra has determined and confirmed that your vision error is Presbyopia; she will outline the various options available to you in order for you to make an informed decision about your eye health.

Reading glasses are one option that makes living with Presbyopia more convenient, but this tends to be quite an annoyance for many, and one of the many reasons patients choose surgery instead.

Does Lasik For Presbyopia Work?

Although the condition is common in patients age 40 and above, it can occur at any time, before or after the age of 40. Lasik vision correction for Presbyopia is a great option for those patients that wear reading glasses.  It will enhance their close up vision without the burden of wearing the reading glasses.

Since Presbyopia is a progressive problem that continues to deteriorate until your late 60’s, a Lasik vision correction may need to be repeated after a period of time.

Your eyesight is a precious gift. When you’re looking for an Orange County Lasik surgeon you can trust, it’s important to select one that has performed thousands of Lasik surgeries, and has received excellent recommendations from past patients. Learn more about our very own top Lasik surgeon, Dr. Alexandra.

If you’re having a difficult time seeing things up close, or you’re tired of wearing reading glasses, call (949) 251-0229 for our Orange County Lasik surgeon Dr. Alexandra to schedule an eye exam and look at all your vision treatment options including Lasik surgery for Presbyopia.

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