Lasik for Nearsightedness – Myopia

Lasik eye surgery is a great option for nearsightedness.  The clinical term Myopia is a condition where the eye has too much focusing power.  Call our Orange County Lasik Center and schedule a complimentary Lasik consultation to see if you’re nearsighted.

Lasik for Nearsightedness

Signs and Symptoms of Nearsightedness

If you’re driving and having a difficult time reading road signs, or straining to see things that are far away, yet you’re comfortable reading close up, these are symptoms of Myopia.

Experiencing headaches and eye fatigue may also be symptoms of nearsightedness.

Dr. Alexandra Chebil M.D. is trusted ophthalmologist in Orange County; she has successfully treated thousands of patients with Lasik surgery for Myopia.  Schedule a complimentary consultation if you think you’re nearsighted and she will quickly confirm or deny your suspicions with a quick eye exam.


Myopia generally begins when you’re a child, but it can also be hereditary if your parents are nearsighted, then you’ll more than likely also have the same condition.

Nearsightedness may begin to stabilize as you age, but in some people it continues to progress as they age, requiring treatment.

Treatment Options for Myopia

Like most eye conditions, patients will generally rely on glasses or contact lenses, but over time, the progression MAY require a prescription revision.  Glasses and contact lenses do a great job, but they also tend to be an inconvenience for most patients, so they prefer a more permanent approach like refractive surgery.

Lasik for Nearsightedness

Lasik can reduce if not completely eliminate the need for eyeglasses or contact lenses.  Two very common Lasik procedures to treat Myopia are PRK and Lasik.  In the past, RK was used to treat myopia but most patients prefer the less invasive and accurate method of Lasik surgery.

If you’re straining, experiencing headaches and having a difficult time seeing objects at a distance while driving, you owe it to yourself to properly diagnose and confirm your eye condition.

Dr. Alexandra Chebil MD is a sought after Lasik surgeon in Newport Beach CA.  Her experience, combined with her dedication, is one of the many reasons nearsighted patients travel to Orange County for Lasik surgery.

Schedule a complimentary consultation, and learn in more detail what Lasik surgery can do for nearsightedness.