No Vision Insurance? 5 Thrifty Ways To Pay for LASIK

If you want to scrap the contacts or eyeglasses, LASIK is the best choice on the market. Despite its relative affordability compared to other elective procedures, the price can still be expensive — especially if you don’t have vision insurance or your insurance doesn’t cover LASIK.


But don’t automatically assume that LASIK is cost-prohibitive. LASIK is still well within your financial means if you have the desire and discipline. Consider these thrifty plans to pay for LASIK and enjoy 20/20 vision sooner rather than later.


1. In-House Financing

At our Orange County LASIK practice, we know that not every client can pay for LASIK up front. That’s why we offer in-house financing plans.  Our financing plans are tailored for you and you may be able to get an interest-free financing option.


Generally, patients appreciate the ability to receive the treatment and pay comfortably over a period of time.  Our financing options are quite often more affordable than putting the procedure on your credit cards.  LASIK financing options can be discussed when you come in for a consultation with Dr. Alexandra Chebil M.D.


2. Flexible Spending Account

Some employers help you pay for procedures not covered by your insurance with a flexible spending account or FSA. An FSA allows you to set aside pre-tax money from each paycheck that you can use for medical expenses like LASIK.


In 2024, the FSA maximum contribution increases from $2,850 to $3,050, which should be enough to cover most, if not all, of a LASIK procedure.


3. Health Spending Account

A health spending account, or HSA, is similar to an FSA in almost every way. However, an HSA has one notable exception. To qualify, your employer or your individual health insurance must have a high deductible — $3,200 or more.


If you qualify for an HSA, you can use every dime you set aside to pay for LASIK — offsetting the price of the procedure partially or in whole.


4. Tax Returns

If you typically receive a tax return each year, don’t blow it on a car down payment or a big-screen TV. Instead, consider using it for your LASIK surgery. Even if it doesn’t pay for the entire procedure, you can make your final payment much more manageable.


5. Use Several of These Options

Since you aren’t confined to a sole payment method, combine the above options as you see fit. If you can get part of your LASIK payment from an FSA, part from your tax return, and finance just a small amount, your financial burden is essentially non-existent!

Find the Right Doctor

Just like any other physician, the right LASIK surgeon or ophthalmologist can calm your nerves, prepare you for the procedure, and ensure you’re comfortable — both physically and financially. LASIK isn’t a pipe dream; you just need a doctor to work with you.


What makes our Newport Beach Lasik practice different is the personalized care we provide in a private practice.  Dr. Alexandra Chebil will be the one to see from your first visit to long after your procedure is done.  Patients appreciate this level of anxiety-free, personalized approach to LASIK instead of large centers.


If finances are the only thing holding you back, inquire about our prices and financing options.  It doesn’t cost you anything to come in for a complimentary consultation.  Give us a call to book an appointment, and enjoy the world with precision — just how it’s supposed to be viewed.