5 Ways To Become a Better Sportsman With LASIK

With a success rate of 99% and over 25 million patients worldwide, LASIK is an effective and minimally invasive way to improve your vision. While 20/20 vision eliminates the need for corrective lenses, it can also provide other benefits — especially to the avid sportsman. If your eyesight has hindered your athleticism or exercise regimen, learn how LASIK can make you a phenom on the field, court, or pool.


1. Better Depth Perception


In almost every sport, depth perception is a necessity. Your ability to see and comprehend how far away objects are can make a marked difference in your sporting performance. For example, how far a basketball hoop is or how far a baseball is from the plate makes or breaks your performance.

With LASIK, your depth perception is fully restored. As a result, your reactions improve, and you can make the right moves at the right time, whether sinking a putt, shooting a free throw, or hitting a fastball.

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2. Improved Visual Sharpness


Even if you have decent eyesight, visual sharpness — also known as visual acuity — is essential to becoming a better sportsman. With increased resolution and sharpness, you can react more quickly to your opponent’s moves and pick up on the prior cues and signs you may have missed.


3. Enhanced Night Vision


If you play softball after work or soccer in the evening, the multiple lights do a decent job of illuminating the field. However, your sight can still suffer compared to well-lit areas or daytime sports. As such, you can quickly lose sight of the ball or get burned by an opponent simply because your eyes didn’t adjust fast enough. LASIK has been shown to enhance night vision, which can eliminate poor performance in night games.


4. Refined Peripheral Vision


Peripheral vision refers to your ability to see objects outside your line of sight — like seeing out of the corner of your eye. In sports, seeing opponents or balls in your peripheral is tantamount to success.

With a LASIK procedure, your peripheral vision improves, letting you see your foes, expand your total line of sight, and react more quickly to sudden movements or opponents over your shoulder.


5. Eliminating the Distractions of Visual Aids


When you take the court or the field with sports glasses, regular glasses, or contacts, you always run the risk of them becoming a hindrance. During the game, a sudden move or collision with an opponent can knock your contacts or glasses out, sidelining you for a play or even the game. Contacts can also dry out during a performance and impair your vision momentarily or throughout the game — especially if you forgot a bottle of contact solution or eyedrops.


Take Your Athleticism to the Next Level With LASIK


Sports glasses, prescription goggles, and contacts are all proven ways to improve your eyesight on the playing field. But with LASIK, these all become things of the past — allowing the true athlete within evolve and dominate. Schedule a consultation with our LASIK surgeon Dr. Alexandra Chebil today to see what you’ve been missing.