6 Post-LASIK Tips for Improved Eye Health

With a 99% success rate, LASIK is the most effective way to improve your vision and quality of life. But like any surgery, post-operative recuperation is necessary for your eyes to heal and maintain quality vision. If you’re scheduled for LASIK or considering it in the near future, follow these post-LASIK tips for improved eye health and function.


1. Get Some Help 

When you head into the clinic for LASIK, you should always get a ride or take a rideshare. After LASIK, patients cannot drive and shouldn’t take public transit due to dust and other pollutants in the air. Having a driver or someone to act as chauffeur and avoid complications.

You may also want someone to care for you at home for at least a day or two. Light sensitivity and blurriness may persist while your eyes heal, so having a friend or family member help you with eye drops, meals, and other activities is always welcomed.


2. Listen, Don’t Watch

While you’re recuperating, watching TV isn’t recommended. The bright lights from the screen can cause irritation, which may lead to headaches. Instead of watching TV, transition to audio entertainment. Audiobooks and music are preferable, so stock up on a few of your favorite artists or authors.


3. Go to Bed Afterward

During LASIK, the surgeon will put numbing drops in your eyes and may give you anti-inflammatory medication following the procedure. In most cases, this is going to make you exceptionally drowsy.

As part of the recovery process, you may want to go to bed immediately after you get home. This will allow time for your eyes to acclimate, reduce discomfort, and jump-start your road to recovery.


4. Wear Sunglasses and a Hat

Light sensitivity after LASIK is unavoidable, so if you have to go outside, plan accordingly. Where polarized sunglasses and a hat with a large enough brim to ensure you don’t get sunlight in your eyes. This will eliminate most discomfort and ensure a smooth post-LASIK recovery — even when you need to go outside to get some fresh air.


5. Schedule and Attend Your Follow-Up Appointments 

After LASIK, your eye doctor will ask you to attend follow-up meetings. Post-LASIK complications are a rarity, but meeting with your doctor gives you vital information about eye care and a timeline for resuming certain activities, such as swimming or contact sports.

These meetings will also provide an opportunity for feedback. If you notice halos, strange sensations, or discomfort beyond a few days, your doctor can help you deal with these events before they become an issue or lower your quality of life post-LASIK.

Dr. Alexandra Chebil in Orange County has performed thousands of procedures in her private practice.  You can expect her involvement in your care from the first visit to long after your procedure is complete.


6. Ask Your Eye Doctor

Following the aforementioned post-LASIK tips will give you the right path toward recovery. But if you have questions, always consult with Dr. Alexandra Chebil.  As an experienced ophthalmologist, will have tips and ideas to streamline recovery, allowing your eyes to heal quickly and efficiently. It’s the best way to alleviate concerns and give you peace of mind. The only thing left is to enjoy your brand-new vision — and life itself.

Contact us to book a complimentary consultation in our private LASIK practice and find out if the procedure is right for you.  Look forward to helping you get the 20/20 vision you deserve.




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