A Closer Look at Your OC Lasik Surgeon Dr. Alexandra®

When you finally make a decision to have a medical procedure done, especially when it involves the eyes.  Knowing your doctor well is extremely important.


Who is our OC Lasik Surgeon?

Our OC Lasik surgeon Dr. Alexandra® (Alexandra Chebil MD) is an Ophthalmologist that’s always eager to share her personality, history, and experience with each and every patient.

After all, it’s a relationship that will involve multiple visits, and she is there every step of the way.

VoyageLA recently conducted an interview with our very own Orange County Lasik surgeon and respected Ophthalmologist Dr. Alexandra®  to give readers an in depth look at how she started, why she is different from the common Lasik doctors, and her reputation in the industry.

Since she began her practice, her focus has always been a commitment to maintain a conservative, personalized approach to her profession.

The Lasik Center Medical Group in Newport Beach is her private practice where she can give each patient the individualized attention they expect and deserve.

She recently shared the challenges she faces in a private practice with VoyageLA, she said:

As a solo practitioner, the current challenge is to stand out from the LASIK chains with seemingly unlimited marketing dollars. I stress the importance of having one surgeon responsible for all aspects of patient care, not only during the procedure, but equally important, dealing with any concerns during the after care. Dr. Alexandra

She has performed over 50,000 refractive surgeries herself.  She is involved with each patient from the initial appointment to long after their treatment is over.

This personalized approach is what leads to many word-of-mouth referrals and patients that are eager to share their experience with friends and family, online and off-line.

Lasik vision correction is a great option for nearsighted patients, farsighted patients, and astigmatism cases.  She specializes in customvue Lasik, and is called upon by other colleagues when they face a challenging case that needs her expertise.

The Lasik Center Medical Group is her solo, private practice in Newport Beach CA.  From the first step into the office, you will get a comfortable, anxiety-free welcoming staff that cares for you as a human and not as a number like the high volume Lasik practices often seen throughout the area where you may get a different person to deal with each visit.

If you’re thinking about Lasik and want to discover all the possibilities of seeing clearly without the burden of eyeglasses or contact lenses.

See the many Lasik patients that have experienced excellent results, and read the full story on VoyageLA to learn more about Dr Alexandra Chebil and the Lasik Center Medical Group.

Want to meet in person? Schedule a complimentary consultation where you can meet Dr. Alexandra and discuss all the options available, including affordable lasik financing options as low as $49/month and whether refractive surgery is right for you.