Common Eye Problems To Prevent This Summer

Summer season have a huge effect on our skin. From dehydration to oily skin, dark spots, and other issues.  Common eye problems are also associated with the hot summer months.  Dry eyes, eye allergies, bacterial infections (styes) are a few to avoid, and here’s how you prevent them.


Prevent Common Eye Problems

Sweating, and rubbing your eyes can lead to the accumulation of germs and dead cells, bacteria loves this and grows rapidly around the eyelids.  Styes is one of the common eye problems that result from this.

Avoid Germs

Gently cleanse the eyelids on a regular basis, and stay away from any expired makeup

In your day to day routine, try to avoid shaking too many hands, use a napkin in public restroom to avoid touching the door handles and faucets. Don’t share makeup such as mascara, eyeliner, or eyeshadow with anyone. Minimizing the transfer of germs will keep you safe from unwanted germs.

Of course, you’re going to enjoy the pool and beach this summer, use swimming goggles wherever you can, and rinse your eyes with clean water soon after.

Dry Eyes

It’s quite annoying to say the least.  A scratchy, sandy feeling that just won’t go away.  If you’re prone to dry eyes, make sure the sunglasses never leave your side this summer.

Sunglasses don’t only protect your eyes from the sun rays, but they will prevent dust, dirt and wind from hitting your eyes as you’re enjoying the summer outdoors.

Eye Allergies

Red, itchy, puffy eyes are the last thing you need this summer.  Stay away from smoke, and other irritants that may be causing your eye allergies such as new makeup you purchased, perfume, or even dust and grass.

Dr. Alexandra is a sought-after Orange County Ophthalmologist because she educates and treats.  A well-informed patient will make better decisions relating to their eye health long after they leave our Orange County Lasik Center in Newport Beach.

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