Healthy Vision Month with Orange County’s Favorite LASIK Center

It’s difficult to balance work and family, and get caught up in a busy life.  This month, join our Orange County Lasik Center Medical group in celebrating healthy vision month by following these few tips.

Dr. Chebil M.D.  favored by many throughout Orange County for her personalized approach, extensive experience with over 70,000 surgery performed, and is sought after by patients and colleagues alike.

She strives to educate her patients, and places a big emphasis on prevention, here are some tips she recommends for you and others to share throughout the year, and especially May, the healthy vision month.


Healthy Vision Tips From Our Orange County Lasik Center Team

  1. Lead a healthy lifestyle by maintaining a healthy weight and eating foods that are nutritious for your vision and overall health
  2. It’s getting sunny in May, wear protective sunglasses when you’re driving or anywhere outdoor to protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays.
  3. Playing sports? Using protective eye wear can minimize the risk of injury when you’re playing sports or even doing home repairs around the house.
  4. Eye check! Get a dilated eye exam, getting a thorough exam every year or as often as your eye doctor recommends is extremely important.  These exams will identify potential problems early.
  5. Does your family history have eye problems?  Check your family history and find out if there are any eye health issues.  Most vision problems are hereditary, share the information with your doctor during the eye exam.
  6. If you’re smoking, make an effort to quit now!

This healthy vision month is especially exciting for us at the Orange County Lasik Center.  Our Newport Beach team is readily available to answer any questions you may have.

If you’ve considered Lasik eye surgery and want to know more, give us a call and schedule a complimentary personalized consultation with Dr. Alexandra Chebil.

From all of us at the Orange County Lasik Center, wishing you and your family excellent overall health & healthy vision for many years to come.