Helping You Succeed With Your New Year Aesthetic Resolutions

A New Year brings with it new promises.  Wishes for good health and wealth flood social media, but each of us has a New Year aesthetic resolution we hope to keep up the entire year.

Whether it’s shedding some weight, taking better care of our skin or finally getting rid of the glasses or contact lenses we use.  We are here to help you make it happen!

Our Orange County Lasik Center isn’t just about vision!  We have a menu of services that will help you make your New Year Resolutions come true and maintain it for many years to come.


Skin Care Aesthetic Resolutions

Choose from a wide range of medical spa treatments tailored to make you look your best in the New Year.

Botox Injections can erase the fine lines you’ve been wanting to get rid of, combined with dermal fillers where needed, you’re sure to enjoy 2023 looking great discretely.

You’ll know, but no one else will be able to figure out what you did.  They’ll just wonder why you’re looking younger a vibrant!

Laser Vision Correction

If you’ve been putting it off for a while, this is the best time to take the first step and shed the pesky glasses and contact lenses.  You’ll want to see the wonderful things coming in the New Year, and you can do that without having to wear glasses or contacts.

Think you can’t afford it? Lasik costs less than a Latte a day.  Besides, we have affordable financing options to make it even easier to achieve without breaking the bank.

Alexandra Chebil M.D. has performed over 70,000 surgeries herself.  She is called upon by other Laser vision correction institutions to perform the difficult cases she specializes in.

As the #1 referred and preferred Orange County Ophthalmologist, she performs all her surgeries at her private practice Lasik Center Medical Group in Newport Beach CA.

Why Her?

Simple! She is a hands-on Orange County Lasik doctor.  You’re not a file number at our practice, you are a person that she will see from the first day you step foot into our office to long after your surgery.  Her personalized approach to each patient is what makes her a sought after Lasik specialist.

In the New Year, we are eager to meet you and help you reach the aesthetic resolutions you set out to accomplish.

Schedule a complimentary consultation with us, and let our service speak for itself.