Laser Eye Surgery Cost Vs Eye Glasses or Contacts

Laser eye surgery cost is a big concern with patients considering the procedure.

The average cost of Lasik eye surgery is around $2000 per eye, the cost will vary depending on technology used, surgeon experience, and geographical location.

When patients consider laser eye surgery, they want to compare the cost of Lasik to their current expenses for eyeglasses, contact lenses, and solutions.

When comparing, it’s important to note that individual cost will vary depending on the prescription and geographical cost of living.

A good comparison would take the one time cost of laser eye surgery and compare it to the lifetime cost of eyeglasses or contact lenses and additional incidentals.

Average cost of Laser Eye Surgery

Laser eye surgery cost is between $1000 to $4000 per eye. Anything less than the $1000 per eye should be avoided, and approached carefully.

In our Orange County Lasik Center, we often run promotions to help our clients save money on their Lasik procedure. The costs include everything, without any hidden charges.

Medical Insurance does not cover Lasik, but financing is always available.

Lifetime Cost of Contact Lenses

If you wear contact lenses, you will save money with laser eye surgery.

The average cost of contact lenses is about $250 per year, which may be slightly more if you have astigmatism or prefer certain brands of contact lenses.

Over a 20 year period, you’ll easily spend the amount of money you pay once for laser eye surgery.


Cost of Eyeglasses

If you wear eyeglasses, your cost is less than those wear contact lenses, but this all depends on the brands you like, and how often you have them replaced.

Besides the financial benefits, both eyeglass and contact lens wearers enjoy a much more comfortable lifestyle without the burden of wearing them all together.

Our patients enjoy the luxury of going to bed and getting up in the morning without having to worry about their glasses or contact lenses.

It’s not easy to put a price on such a luxury, but it’s well worth it for those that choose to have the treatment.

Alexandra Chebil, M.D. is a respected Ophthalmologist that has performed over 40,000 surgeries in her private Newport Beach Lasik Center located in the heart of Orange County CA.

She is involved in the treatment from the consultation stage to long after your surgery.

Having one doctor from beginning to end is something unique in the Lasik world and much appreciated by her patients.

If you’ve considered laser eye surgery, whether it’s PRK, Lasik, or custom Lasik, contact us and schedule a complimentary consultation.