LASIK Frequently Asked Questions with Dr. Alexandra in Orange County CA

Refractive surgery candidates have many questions relating to LASIK; we’ve compiled a list of LASIK frequently asked questions and answers with the help of Orange County Ophthalmologist, Alexandra Chebil M.D.


How do you know if you’re a good candidate for Lasik Vision Correction?

Each situation is different; during your complimentary LASIK evaluation in the office, I will perform a comprehensive eye exam and provide a diagnosis and treatment options.  There are however some common LASIK requirements that must be met:

  • The patient must be over 18 years old and have vision that is stable
  • No existing or recent eye infections
  • Female patients can’t be pregnant or breastfeeding for at least one month before the treatment.

Will you explain the difference between PRK and Lasik Vision Correction?

Yes, during your first visit, we will discuss all the options available.  Although LASIK is the most widely used refractive treatment performed in the U.S.A. our goal is to perform the procedure most suitable for your specific vision correction needs.


LASIK leaves the corneal surface virtually intact; therefore it’s very comfortable for the patient.  PRK involves the removal of a thin layer of tissue prior to the laser reshaping, so the healing process is longer and less comfortable for patients as compared to LASIK.  Both are a great option for nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism.

PRK Surgery Explained – PRK vs. LASIK

Many factors will be considered such as lifestyle and vision correction requirements before a decision is made on the best treatment plan.

Can anyone wearing eyeglasses and contacts be considered a Lasik candidate?

While the majority of patients who wear glasses or contact lenses are good candidates for LASIK Vision Correction, the candidacy will be based on how moderate or extreme the nearsightedness, farsightedness and/or astigmatism is.

Is LASIK Right For Me?

Is the vision correction procedure painful?

Our upmost goal is patient comfort.  During the procedure, topical anesthetic drops are used to completely numb your eyes.  Our patients have reported minimal to no discomfort at all.

You may experience minimal temporary discomfort such as watery or scratchy eyes for a few hours after the procedure, but this is usually short lived with the help of eye drops that will be prescribed for you.

Is the vision improved immediately or does it take time?

Many patients have reported immediate improvement in their vision with no need for glasses or contact lenses as of the first day.  The vision will continue to improve over time and on many occasions patients have experienced better than 20/20 vision post treatment. 

If I need both eyes done, will you do them at the same time?

I almost always perform treatment on both eyes the same day, but this is something that is discussed with the patient during the complimentary evaluation.  This decision is based on various factors such as lifestyle, travel demands, etc…

Patients generally return to their normal activities and work the day after their procedure.  Therefore, most patients prefer to have both eyes done at the same time to avoid taking additional time off work for a second procedure.

How long will my new vision last?

LASIK Vision Correction (refractive surgery) is permanent, but it will not prevent natural aging of the eyes (presbyopia) or cataracts (clouding of the lens).

Does insurance cover refractive surgery?

Most insurance companies consider refractive surgery an elective surgery; therefore it is not usually a covered benefit. However, it is certainly worth checking with your insurance company, and we encourage you to call them.

If you have vision insurance, you may qualify for a discount through your vision plan.

Our office also offers affordable financing plans to help our patients obtain their visual goals.

LASIK Financing

Are there any risks associated with refractive surgery?

Although LASIK eye surgery is quite safe, every procedure has associated risks.  During our evaluation, I will discuss all the risks associated with the procedure even if minimal.

The Lasik Center Medical Group in Orange County CA is the private practice of Alexandra Chebil, M.D. located in Newport Beach.

What makes this practice unique when compared to other LASIK treatment centers is the personalized care provided hands-on by Dr. Chebil from day one to long after the treatment.

This anxiety-free, one-on-one approach along with the experience of over 70,000 surgeries performed makes this office a sought-after LASIK practice by patients in the community.

If you’ve always wanted to experience excellent vision without the use of glasses and contact lenses, schedule your complimentary consultation today.