Lasik Offers Minimal Corrective Eye Surgery Risks

Talk about getting rid of eyeglasses or contacts with anyone and they’ll immediately recommend you undergo Lasik as a corrective eye surgery option. You’re still concerned with the corrective eye surgery risks, so you shy away but Lasik is trending across the world for many reasons, one of the biggest reasons is its minimal risks and amazing results.

Statistics show that in 2015, approximately 596,000 Lasik surgeries were performed in the United States alone, and that number continues to grow. This doesn’t account for PRK and other types of laser vision correction options. By 2020, the number of Lasik procedures is expected to grow to 720,000 or more.

Lasik is fast, safe, and affordable, and can be a permanent alternative that allows patients to live an active lifestyle without contacts or eye glasses.

Dr. Alexandra®, our Orange County Ophthalmologist is sought after by patients due to her experience, and meticulous personalized approach in a private anxiety-free laser vision correction center in Newport Beach CA.

When it comes to excellent results, experience matters! Dr. Alexandra® has performed over 70,000 surgeries herself, and is relied upon by other vision correction surgeons in the industry when they need her expertise with complex custom Lasik cases. Corrective eye surgery risks are minimal, but they are further minimized when you choose an experienced Ophthalmologist.

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Lasik Basics

Lasik isn’t for everyone, it is commonly used for patients with nearsightedness, farsightedness, or have an astigmatism. By reshaping the cornea, the way the eye focuses the vision is improved. Patients have experienced better than 20/20 vision immediately after undergoing Lasik surgery.

Depending on your particular case, an ophthalmologist can help you understand the scope of benefits you can have from corrective eye surgery.

Corrective Eye Surgery Risks and Concerns

Lasik is a surgical approach inspired by technology and is always advancing. Visual irregularities can be eliminated quickly, and you can finally enjoy everyday activities without the need for eyeglasses or contacts.

If you’ve always wanted to get Lasik, but are worried about corrective eye surgery risks, talk to an experienced ophthalmologist to see if you’re a good candidate first. The benefits outweigh the risks with this advanced procedure and you owe it to yourself to know more.

The Lasik Center Medical Group is a private office operated by Dr. Alexandra Chebil. From the first appointment to long after your Lasik surgery, she is involved every step of the way. Besides advanced equipment, care and experience are a top priority. Her unwavering commitment and dedication to each patient leads to excellent benefits and eliminates the corrective eye surgery risks you are concerned about.

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