Lasik Treatment or Latte?

Who doesn’t love a latte? If you’ve been considering a LASIK treatment we want to show you how you can skip a few cups of latte and finally get rid of those glasses and contact lenses that have an effect on your active lifestyle and hobbies.

An ideal patient for a LASIK treatment is one that’s ready to take that first step and make it happen, Alexandra Chebil M.D. will let you know if it’s right for you from the first visit.


It doesn’t matter if you’re still dependent and living at home, still in college or just joined the work force.  A LASIK treatment can give you complete freedom to enjoy the sports you like, interest and hobbies you enjoy, along with leading a healthy overall lifestyle.

Check out our selfie wall of actual Orange County LASIK patients that have taken that step and improved themselves all together.

How Much is a Lasik Treatment?

You may need to give up a few cups of Latte but if you ask our existing Newport Beach LASIK patients, they’ll tell you it’s worth it!  Easy and attractive LASIK financing options are available to make it affordable for just about anybody.  Payments as low as $49 per month for custom LASIK.

So, whether you choose to give up a dinner out once a month, or a few Lattes a week.  Your perfect vision awaits, and we’ve made it extremely affordable.

What’s More Important than Lasik Treatment Cost?

Experience!  Yes, Alexandra Chebil M.D. has performed over 70,000 surgeries herself.  She is the #1 referred and preferred Orange County Ophthalmologist operating in Newport Beach CA.

Patients from all over the country flock for her Lasik Center Medical Group for custom LASIK, PRK, and amazing bedside manner.

From the first visit, you’ll see Dr. Chebil herself.  You’re not a number being passed around from one person to the other in our private office, no way!  You will receive the personalized care you expect and deserve from the first visit, to long after your treatment.

So, what are you waiting for? Drop the Latte and learn a little more about our Newport Beach Lasik treatments and affordable financing options available to fit your needs.  Time to check LASIK off your bucket list and get 20/20 or better vision without glasses or contact lenses.

Do you prefer contact lenses? We also offer colored contact lenses that will change how you look and feel.  Upload a photo online and see for yourself which color is best for you.

If interested in learning more, schedule a complimentary consultation with us and we’ll be happy to discuss all the options of LASIK over a cup of Latte on us.