Latisse® Eyelash Grower

Latisse® Eyelash grower is the first and only prescription treatment approved by the FDA to make your eyelashes grow thicker, longer and darker in just a few weeks.

This revolutionary eyelash enhancer is manufactured by Allergan, the pharmaceutical maker of other great aesthetic products including Botox® and Juvéderm.

Why use Latisse® Eyelash grower?

As we age, our eyelashes become thinner, shorter and darker. Those thick, luxurious eyelashes that are so appealing during the teenage years rapidly disappear during the late thirties and may become stubby and sparse after menopause. Latisse® Eyelash grower is recommended for anyone, male or female who wants natural lashes that are longer, thicker and darker.

How does Latisse® Eyelash grower work?

Eyelashes, just like the hair on your head, have a pre-determined growth cycle. Once the eyelash or hair stops growing, it will fall out and be replaced by a new, shorter eyelash. As we age, the growth cycle becomes shorter, so your eyelashes will fall out before they reach their maximum length. Latisse® Eyelash grower extends the growth phase so your lashes have more time to achieve their maximum length. Your lashes will not only be longer, but also thicker and darker with prolonged use of Latisse® Eyelash grower.


How long does it take to work?

You will notice results starting in just four weeks of regular use. Continued use will result in a maximum effect in sixteen weeks. You must continue use of Latisse® Eyelash grower if you want your lashes to keep their length and fullness. Once you stop using Latisse® Eyelash grower your lashes will return to the length they were prior to your treatment.

Who can use Latisse® Eyelash grower?

Since it is a prescription product, you need to see Dr. Alexandra Chebil for a free evaluation of your eyes prior to beginning your treatment.

Important Safety Information

If you use prescription drops for glaucoma, consult with Dr. Alexandra Chebil before using Latisse® Eyelash grower. It may cause permanent darkening of the colored part of your eye. You may also notice darkening of the skin of your eyelids especially if you allow the product of pool on your skin. This darkening may be reversible. You should apply the product using the approved applicators only to the base of your upper eyelashes, never to the lower eyelid. Other side effects include itchy and red eyes. Your lashes will return to their previous appearance once the treatment is stopped.