How Much Does A Laser Eye Treatment Cost?

LASIK prices can vary dramatically across the country, so how does someone actually determine what the cost is when there are so many variations? We hope this article will shed some light on some of the things to be aware of as a LASIK patient.


Average Laser Eye treatment Cost

The reported average cost for laser vision correction in 2015 was $1700 to $2200 for each eye.  This may come as a surprise to many because often we see advertisements that are much less online and in advertisements.

The LASIK eye surgery cost does vary depending on the procedure, Lasik, PRK, re-treatment, custom Lasik and many other factors, but it’s important to work with a LASIK surgeon that quotes a single price.  No one likes hidden fees especially when it’s relating to elective surgery such as LASIK.

As a patient, you have to budget, and be financially be prepared to proceed with your laser eye treatment; the cost shifting around is a financial burden, and a complete inconvenience.

Lasik Offers and Bargains

On many occasions you will see advertisements that will state $300/per eye or $500/per eye.  One thing you have to make sure of is that there will not be any up-selling tactics that occur if you decide to use such Lasik deals.

Many patients prefer the percentage off or dollar amount off type offers, when they contact a professional LASIK surgeon, they are given a single, solid LASIK cost with no hidden fees, and this type of LASIK offer is always the safest choice.

Although cost is important, your vision correction surgeon, their experience, and standard of care should be the most important deciding factor.

Catchy deals are generally associated with larger offices that employ multiple eye doctors and nurses to handle your laser eye treatment, many patients prefer the private practice of a board certified ophthalmologist instead of the large mill atmosphere.

Our Orange County Lasik Center is the private office of Alexandra Chebil M.D., she is a board certified Ophthalmologist that provides care herself from the first visit and long after the LASIK eye surgery is complete.  She believes patients do benefit from having one doctor delivering their care from start to finish instead of multiple staff members.

If you’re looking for a private Orange County Lasik office with one experienced LASIK surgeon and over 70,000 prior LASIK surgeries performed without hidden fees, we ask you to schedule a free consultation to find out if Lasik is right for you, and the exact dollar amount your laser eye treatment will cost.