New Year New Vision With Custom Lasik

This new year, shed the unrealistic resolutions and get something that’s sure to change 2019 for the better: custom lasik.

With custom lasik surgery, an eye care professional can modify traditional lasik surgery to provide optimal results based on your vision problems. Once you’ve received custom lasik, you’ll open a new world of clarity free from the hindrances of contacts, glasses, and blurred vision.


What Is Custom Lasik?

Conventional lasik it the original form of corrective laser eye surgery. This type of refractive surgery aims to reshape the cornea in order to fix myopia, hyperopia, or astigmatism. Custom lasik takes this process one step further by customizing your surgery and treatment for even better vision.

Using advanced wavefront technology that’s only available through custom lasik, Dr. Alexandra Chebil can create a customized profile for your eyes. This enables her to calibrate the excimer laser for a procedure that’s more precise and exact than ever.

According to studies, patients who undergo custom lasik gain 20/20 eyesight within 24 hours, while 71 percent go on to 20/15 vision and 11 percent attain 20/10 vision. These staggering numbers show not only the success rate of custom lasik, but also how it improves upon conventional lasik methods.

Types of Custom Lasik

Custom lasik is typically administered in one of three methods:

Topography-Guided Lasik

As the name implies, this type of custom lasik analyzes the surface of the cornea to provide specialized lasik. It is most often used to correct scar tissue within the cornea.

Wavefront-optimized lasik

Using detailed measurements of the front of the cornea, wavefront-optimized lasik aims to keep the curvature of the eye to improve vision, while reducing the chances of spherical aberration. This type of eye ailment often results in halos around lights and poor night vision.

Wavefront-guided lasik

The most popular type of lasik, wavefront-guided lasik uses wavelength measurements to analyze how light travels through the eye and where it falls on the retina. Through these measurements, doctors can create a customized lasik profile to improve specific ocular problems.

Depending on your eye ailments, each one of these custom lasik procedures provides a streamlined, efficient, and precise method to fix the issue.

Benefits of Custom Lasik

While custom lasik obviously offers improved vision, it has a plethora of other benefits that make it a superior choice to conventional lasik. Perhaps the most outstanding benefit is custom lasik’s ability to fix eye problems outside of myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism.

The wavefront technology also corrects aberrations and other imperfections on the cornea to address glare, blurring, and starbursts.

Another advantage of custom lasik is freedom, which goes hand-in-hand with meeting your New Year’s goals. Hit your resolutions by traveling to far-off destinations, running farther, playing sports, and reading books all without any extra eyewear.

To a person with perfect vision, this may not seem like an advantage, but when you’ve worn glasses or contacts your entire life, you’ll notice the difference immediately.

While many New Year’s resolutions rely on your continued discipline and willpower, lasik requires just a single procedure that’s done in just 20 minutes. It may not feel like a personal accomplishment, but the things you’ll be able to see and do with your newfound vision are sure to mold 2019 into a year you won’t forget.

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