Ocular Migraines or Eye Migraines Explained

If you get eye migraines also referred to as ocular migraines, it may seem frightening, but they are temporary visual disturbances that resolve on their own quickly.


Symptoms of Ocular Migraines

While the entire migraine may end with a few minutes, common symptoms of ocular migraines may include seeing a blind spot in the center of your eyes with flashing lights or zigzag lines surround that blind spot.

You’ll experience a headache, it can affect one or both eyes.  If it’s followed by a throbbing headache on one side, it’s a regular migraine that may need to be medicated.

Visual disturbances are very common, but there hasn’t been a final decision made on the actual cause, besides genetics.  If it’s something that occurs often, it’s time to get your eyes checked and rule out any underlying vision problems.

Treatment for Eye Migraines

Since the symptoms resolve on their own, a treatment isn’t generally required, but it’s important to make sure what is occurring is ocular migraines and nothing else.

If the migraines happen while your driving or operating machinery.  It’s best to stop what you’re doing and relax your eyes until the ocular migraine passes.

Whenever you experience unusual vision symptoms, you’re urged to see an Ophthalmologist as soon as possible.  There’s a wide range of vision problems to rule out or catch early in order to avoid long term vision issues.

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