School is in Session! Vision Care Tips for Kids

Most parents with school age kids are done gearing up for the “back-to-school” rush.  School has started, and the daily routine is in session.

Now that the dust has settled, don’t forget about the importance of maintaining the kid’s good eye health with these vision care Tips from our Orange County eye care team.


Vision Care Tip #1 – Get an Eye Exam

If you haven’t taken your kids in for an eye exam before the school started, schedule it in a soon as possible.  A routine exam can identify potential problems early so you can address them.

Issues such as farsightedness and nearsightedness can lead to recurring headaches, and difficulty learning.

Good Hygiene

According to the American Journal of Injection control, millions of days are missed at school due to the spread of infections.  Eye infections are also possible and can affect kids’ eye health.

You’ve heard of pink eye? Remind kids to , avoid rubbing their eyes but to also wash their hands all the time, and ask them to make it a routine at school before and after recess.

Give it a Rest

Our world is filled with electronics, throughout the day the kids will be starring at books, and computer screens, when they get home, video games, ipads and/or iphones await.  Encourage them to lay back and give their eyes a rest.

Not giving their eyes, a rest can lead to future complications such as blurred vision, eye straining, and headaches.

Eye Safety and Protection

Don’t buy your kids cheap sunglasses, invest in high E-SPF sunglasses that protect their eyes well.  If school is in session, so are sports.  Make sure and purchase protective eye gear for your children to avoid any injuries.

Most eye injuries occur to children between the age of 11 and 14 while playing sports unprotected. Protect the eyes and reduce the risk.

For the younger kiddos “Childhood vision screening is recommended for all 3 to 5 year old children in order to rule out lazy eye and vision problems” said our very own Alexandra Chebil M.D. an Orange County Ophthalmologist, regarded by the community and her peers for the conservative, caring, and preventative approach to proper vision care.

Our Newport Beach Lasik Center is not only dedicated to Lasik, but overall eye health.  If you have any questions, comments, or additional tips to share with other parents, please contact us and we’d love to spread the word.