Think You’re Too Young for Lasik Surgery?

Lasik surgery is a life-altering procedure that not only improves your sight but also enhances your quality of living. However, there’s still some debate about the proper age to get Lasik.

The short answer is there’s no right or wrong time to give yourself the gift of 20/20 vision. If you think you’re too young to have Lasik surgery, here are some facts that might change your mind.

FDA-Approved Lasik Surgery for Ages 18 and Up

The first Lasik laser was approved for use by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 1998. When the FDA approved the laser, the organization also made it legal for patients 18 and over. Although younger people (17 and under) are more likely to have changes in their eyes and prescription, 18-year-olds are often great candidates for the procedure.

Furthermore, if you’ve had a steady prescription for at least two years, you’re almost guaranteed to be a solid candidate for Lasik surgery.

If you’ve reached age 18 and you’re unsure of whether Lasik works for you, most clinics give a free or low-cost consultation. There’s no reason to wonder what could have been when a quick visit to the proceduralist will answer all your questions and concerns.

Cost Considerations of Lasik Surgery

With the rising costs of tuition, housing, food, and entertainment, younger people are far less likely to have extra cash for Lasik. With an average cost of $2,077, Lasik surgery takes a serious financial commitment.

However, you shouldn’t let the price put you off. In most cases, the price of Lasik is far less than the cost of glasses, contacts, and eye exams after less than a decade.

Even if you know that Lasik is more affordable than the alternatives, you still may not have $2,000 to spend. Fortunately, we offer financing options for as little as $49 a month.

For less than the price of a low-fat, no-whip, soy-milk latte, you can have the vision that improves your life and even your grades and concentration at college. That’s something you can’t put a price on.


Vision, Your Education, and Your Career Path with Lasik

Although glasses and contacts don’t necessarily derail your academic career or job pursuits, poor vision can cause a number of problems. If you’re an athlete that has professional aspirations or counts on your athletic ability to pay for their schooling, your vision can hold you back.

Perfect vision is all but a necessity for any popular sport, and having your contacts fall out or putting on sports glasses is a nuisance. With Lasik, you won’t have to worry about any of these problems.

Once you’ve graduated from college, lackluster vision can keep you out of certain career paths. If you’ve wanted to become a pilot, a law enforcement officer, military personnel, firefighter, or even a fashion designer, excellent vision is paramount.

Although 20/20 may not be a requirement, it definitely makes you a more viable and attractive candidate.

If you think you’re too young for Lasik, think again. With one quick procedure, as quick as 20 minutes,  you can turn a lifetime of squinting into a thing of the past. Only then will you see your future in total clarity. That’s something to get excited about.

Dr. Alexandra Chebil, is an Orange County Ophthalmologist in Newport Beach CA.  Her practice is a concierge, personalized facility where she is involved in the Lasik process from day one to long after the procedure is over.  This personalized care has earned her the respect of the over 50,000 patients she has treated and her colleagues alike.

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